Trend Alert: Cool, Creative Ponytails at New York Fashion Week

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Ponytails have forever been a basic, go-to hairstyle, and at this year’s Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week, stylists have proven the look doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, we saw so many impressive, creative versions of ponytails this past week, we have no doubt it will be one of the hottest looks next year. Which will you be wearing?

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Carolina Herrera
At Carolina Herrera, models looked chic and timeless sporting flawless, looped ponytails. (Get the exact look here.)

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Charlotte Ronson
To secure the low-slung, softly tousled ponytails at Charlotte Ronson, stylist Jeanie Syfu used elastics from the fabric store.

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Erin Fetherston
This ’60s-inspired look, bumped up at the crown, is the kind of style that will definitely get you noticed.


Marc by Marc Jacobs
At Marc by Marc Jacobs, twisted, texturized ponytails were given a contrasting element with the addition of a smooth, shiny barrette.


It was all about the fishtail-ponytail hybrid at Marchesa, and you can get the look, too.

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Michael Kors
To achieve the covetable safari-inspired coiffure at Michael Kors, stylists loosely fishtail braided the hair, incorporating leather shoelaces into the look.

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Monique Lhuillier
High, texturized, crown-level ponytails looked fresh and modern at Monique Lhuillier.

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Donna Karan
The ponytails at Donna Karan were stick-straight, but a mesh elastic wrapped around the base provided an element of strength to the look.

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Hervé Léger
Stylists at Hervé Léger reached the trifecta of cool with this slick, three-part ponytail.

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Softly waved side ponytails and hot-pink lipstick made for one sexy look at Milly.

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