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Eyebrow threading has been around for centuries. The threading technique originated in ancient Middle Eastern and Far East countries. In ancient Persia, threading the face was a rite of passage for girls reaching adulthood that signified becoming a woman. Today, it has become a popular method of eyebrow shaping. And while it used to be difficult to find threading outside of the biggest cities, these days I bet you can find an experienced eyebrow threading technician right in your hometown.

The concept of using a thread to remove hair may seem a little strange, but it really does work. Threading is a hair removal technique that uses a cotton thread, which is doubled up and twisted, to catch hairs as it rolls over them and then lift them from the follicle.


Threading is said to be more precise than waxing, allowing for better lines. It is also very gentle on the skin. Unlike waxing, which tugs at and peels off the top layer of skin, threading barely has any contact with your skin. Threading removes short lines of hair all at once, as opposed to tweezing where single hairs are plucked out one at time, making it a quicker option too. Threading is also a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin or anyone who prefers to take a more natural approach to beauty, since there aren’t any products or chemicals involved. :)

Have you ever tried threading? What method of eyebrow shaping do you prefer? Let me know in the comments section!

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Photo Source: Bath Beauty Training, Raving Beauty, Judith M, Robert Jones Beauty Academy


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