Have you ever noticed just how many essential oils are in your skincare routine? If you didn’t know, essential oils are extracted from their plants usually through the process of distillation (hence the often hefty price tag of individual oils). They’ve been used in anything from relaxation rituals to beauty to alternative medicine. In the case of skincare, different oils can have different uses.

Aromatherapy in your skincare

Odacité ‘Ba + S’ Baobab-Sarsaparilla Facial Serum Concentrate, Spritz Good Karma Facial Mist, Blackbird The Future Milk Bath, Vitruvi Focus Aromatherapy Oil, Cowshed Body Butter, Hourglass lip oil, Uka Nail Oil.

In aromatherapy, the tropical medicinal Sarsaparilla plant is uplifting and reassuring. Along with other essential oils in a serum, it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and alleviate puffiness. However, more well known oils like the aloe, rose, and peppermint combo in the facial mist above are coveted healing oils that also refresh and rejuvenate. While you’re likely to find endless essentials with that de-stress factor (which is what makes diffusing oil for home use so popular!) – skincare and relaxation definitely goes hand in hand – you can also lather on more invigorating products like bois de rose provides in this Hourglass lip oil.

Other oils you might find in your skincare products are popular for their nourishing effects (as I showed here), but aren’t specifically essential oils. These are carrier oils like jojoba, olive oil, sweet almond, and coconut oil, and they make perfect pairs for essential oils because they’ll dilute the potent scent and effects of them. So, in products that contain them both, you’ll reap the benefits of the essential oil along with this oil’s moisturizing properties.

What are your fave products containing essential oils? 

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