Underneath Your Love

Hi everyone,

“Underneath Your Love” is a short love story that I wrote and directed. Most Cinderella stories have evil stepsisters playing as the villain, but my take on this modern Cinderella story doesn’t. I believe that our insecurities can become our evil stepsisters. Learning to love and accept who you are can truly free you from your gilded cage. My mother always told me, that a beautiful heart will take you far.

I’m on a plane to Paris right now, but I want to finish this entry when I land. I’m actually shooting another love story in Paris. Hopefully, in my next one after this, I can just focus on directing, so who knows, maybe one of you can star in the next short. :)

Enjoy! <3


What do you guys think? Can you inspire the next story?

<3 Mish

P.S. Stay tuned for some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos!

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  1. Raonei says:

    Hi! let me tell you that I just recently saw your film and I just loved it!! I also want to thank you for all that you have done so far, literally you have no idea how much you’ve help me. I started watching you on youtube since 5 years from now :D. I’m from Chile and here just 2 percent of the population actually speaks Eglish and by the time I was learning your videos where very helpfull in all ways, even when I was depressed. I love your make up tutorials and your films!! please keep going you are a great inspiration :D I wish I could be in one of your films


  2. underneathyourbeauty says:

    I cant even believe that I havent found your website until now, I constantly over and over watching Underneath Your Love and I really need advice on something can you please reply

  3. Natsuko says:

    Hey, I just found your short movie on youtube and I love it.
    It’s such a cute story. <3
    Have you made the next short movie already?
    If you need some inspiration, I'd like to tell you my love story. It's somehow like a modern Romeo and Juliet Storie. :D
    Love and Greetings from Germany,

  4. diamondvang says:

    i’d love to be in one of your videos-i think if i ever was i’d fan-girl like crazy then i could cross off “meeting michelle phan” off my list of life long dreams. ur an inspiration gorgeous :)

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