VIDEO: New Hair Color & Updates

Hi everyone,

I gave my locks an upgrade last week…what do you think? I’m in love with the “beach sand” color Guy Tang created for me. It’s warm, natural and perfect for summer! Watch the video below to hear a little more about the process and some updates from my life:

 Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures of the final look:


I’m in love with my new hair!

What part of your beauty routine are you excited to update for summer? Share with me below!

<3 Mish


  • Elegance by Jen

    I love your hair! Great name for the color, suits you! You have such a great energy in this video. So happy for you!

  • SummerNights94

    I love that color, it’s so pretty! But I do have a question for you. Two days ago I dyed my hair from a dark brunette (almost black) to a honey blonde, which meant my hair stylist had to bleach my hair a good amount. So, what would you recommend I do to make sure my hair stays healthy after all the bleach and dyes?

    Thank you, Michelle!


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