One makeup trend that seems to be everywhere this spring is the warm eyelid. Eyeshadows in warm hues – reds, magentas, and pinks – have been making their mark on the runways and in magazines alike. Some are bold and bright, like Sugarpill’s Love Plus. Then there are the softer, more romantic colors like Iridiscent Fuschia from Make Up For Ever

But how does this style translate to our everyday makeup routine? When we’re so used to naturals, metallics, and blues, wearing warm eye makeup can seem daunting. But this daring style is actually pretty easy to rock, as long as you apply it with a few vital techniques in mind.

how to wear warm color eyeshadow

Prep your eyes. The biggest concern with warm color eyeshadow is that you run the risk of your eyes looking red and puffy. To combat that, use a fast response eye cream to de-puff both under the eye and on the eyelid, like First Aid Beauty’s Eye Duty Triple Remedy AM Gel Cream. The quick absorption will have you primed and ready for makeup application fast, plus it’ll help prevent the dreaded oily eyelid. This way, you’ll start off with a refreshed and neutral canvas.

Prime your skin. If you’re going bold with a bright, warm color, the last thing you want is for it to fade away and look smudged or unintentional. Prep your lids with an eyeshadow primer that gives you a seamless surface and an uber-strong grip on the shadow, like Nars Pro Prime Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base. No creases or caking here!

Line your lids. Makeup is about working in layers, so before you apply color straight to your eyes, make sure to line lids with a neutral shadow or pencil first, which will help brighten your eyes. Plus it’ll blend the brighter color better so you won’t have a chalky, stark streak that could look a bit unnatural.

Choose your brushes. Selecting the right brush for the right job is essential for this look. You’ll want to start with a flat tapered brush, which picks up a lot of color, for the initial base application. Later, you’ll need a fluffier, rounded brush for blending. Sephora’s collection has an awesome brush set with one of everything you’ll need.

Apply the shadow. The key to rocking this look? Applying it the right way! Using your flat tapered brush, apply the color along the lash line only. It’ll look really vibrant and colorful – the perfect base for blending the color onto the rest of the your eye.

Blend, blend, blend! Now take your rounded brush and feather the shadow toward the corner of the eye. This blending technique will create a gradient of color from your lash line towards your brow line, for that perfectly-blended look.

What do you think of red and pink eyeshadow trend?

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