With another fashion week come and gone, who doesn’t want to rush to the mall for a whole new wardrobe? As tempting as this is, it isn’t always the best way to curb spending beyond your means. Instead, why not reimagine something you already have and love? Or, if you really do need to get out and buy new clothes, take this time to invest in one of the most important basics you’ll ever own: the white tee.

how to style a white t-shirt


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Having a comfortable, cute and functional white tee is just as essential as your undergarments and bras. It’s the first building block in a conscious wardrobe. But let’s face it, wearing a T-shirt and jeans everyday doesn’t exactly scream fashion forward. So in the interest of creating something new with what you already have, here are a few of my favorite classically chic ways to style a white tee:

6 ways to reimagine your white t-shirt

1. Tuck it in. Sometimes trends of the years past ought to stay in the past, but sometimes they become timeless tricks for creating something out of nothing! Tucking your crew or v-neck into high waist jeans or partially tucking a slub-neck makes a basic top go from looking like an afterthought to intentional.

2. Make it sexy. Yes, it is possible to make your white tee a little sexy. If your top is thin or slightly sheer, forgo your undershirt to add intrigue in a tasteful way. But if that’s too much, you can still make it more flirty by layering over a lacy tank or colorful bandeau. You’re walking a fine line here, so it may take some tweaking before you get the combo quite right!

3. Change up your pants game. Those of you who have reservations about going too bold with fashion can see this as an entry into the world of prints because a white tee is going to balance out your look so you don’t feel too out of our comfort zone while experimenting. No need to worry whether a funky print or flowing material will clash or look frumpy – the white tee can be worn with any pair. PS – Same goes for skirts too! Pencil skirts in particular pair perfectly with basic tees no matter the print.

4. White out. Conversely, a fabulous way to reimagine the basics is to pair things you normally wouldn’t. White on white or any sort of matchy-matchy monochromatic look will instantly break you out of your closet rut. It’s simple, yet not something you see everyday.

5. Tie it up. Another 90s trend, the basic side tie, can take a worn tee and make it more fitted, as well as be a playful way of showing midriff in the summertime. Make a small knot on one of the front sides so the trim of your top is slightly asymmetrical, then pair with a denim vest or moto jacket to add an edgy spin.

6. Make a statement. Similar to printed pants, statement jewels are another way to step up an otherwise plain outfit. For spring, think bib collar necklaces or bright drop earrings to shift the focus from your tee to your accessory. Again, this balances out your look while offering that oomph a white tee doesn’t normally have.

Hope this helps you reimagine your wardrobe! What’s your favorite way to style a basic t-shirt?

<3 Mish


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