Hi everyone,

Wow! So much video filming this week! It’s been a bit chaotic, but Friday is here so it’s time to wind down and relax. Check out some of the photos I snapped this week:



A shot from an upcoming tutorial. Can you guess what I’m supposed to be?

Contact lens shot – Natural Colors in Quartzo is one of my favorites. You can’t even tell that my natural eye color is brown!

Finally home! Nothing better than putting on a sweatshirt and crashing in my bed. Bon Lapin! ^__^

Getting ready for the slew of Halloween tutorials… Looks like I found my Ken here!

I am so honored to have premiered Regina Spektor’s new music video, “How,” on my YouTube channel. Don’t forget to check it out!

Attack! Casually testing out zombie bites…? It looks so real!

A shot from my ipsy Halloween video with the one and only Dom…

I just finished shooting another Halloween tutorial. This one? Barbie Gone Wrong… More to come!

Are you preparing for Halloween this weekend? Tell me your plans in the comments section!

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Week in Photos



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