Hi everyone,

This has been the ultimate Halloween prep week! I’ve been spending lots of time editing my upcoming tutorials (get excited!!!), traveling to New York, and wishing I were in the sunshine. I have a feeling this weekend is also going to be dedicated to Halloween… I can’t believe it’s on Wednesday! Only a few more days left to get your costumes ready. Check out some pictures I snapped this week:



A few snapshots from my new K-Pop tutorial!

Kissy faces on a Saturday with Linette Kim. We were going to see Paranormal Activity 4. Have any of you seen it yet?

Can any of you guess what I’m turning Dom into? Talk about creepy!!!

A few more K-Pop photos! I can’t get enough of this look – it’s so much fun!!

What a tech savvy mama I have! Love her!!! <3

The ipsy Glam Bag for November is to DIE for!!! Such amazing products for next month, including two full size items!!

Me and Dom… Smile with your eyes!!! ^___^

You are beautiful. Remember that, and remind yourself everyday! I hope this helps you get a great start to your weekend.

Casually uploading my Barbie Zombie tutorial at a dinner meeting… Can’t wait for you guys to see it!!!

Are you celebrating Halloween this weekend? Let me know what your plans are in the comments section!

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