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I’m thrilled to announce that you all have been accepted to the MichellePhan.com Beauty School! Going forward, be on the lookout for “Beauty School” posts a couple times a week; these educational blogs will include information on cosmetic terminology, ingredients, facts, and general beauty know-how!

Today is the first of many beauty vocabulary posts, so we’re going to start with the basics. This word at the beginning of the beauty alphabet can be found in a number of household and grooming products this season: Abies.


ABIES: Essential oils derived from a variety of pine trees. They are used as natural flavoring ingredients and to scent bath products. Ingestion of large amounts can cause intestinal hemorrhages.ยน

Generally-speaking, the term “Abies” refers to the different tree varieties within the fir tree family. You’ll recognize this scent just about everywhere over the holiday season, so peep the labels of your seasonal candles, home goods, and holiday-scented grooming products.

This is just the beginning, but hopefully posts like this will help you better understand just what exactly you’re buying at the beauty counter and what you already have on the bathroom counter.

What would you like to learn about next? Leave your suggestions for Beauty School posts in the comments section below!

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Photo: Unknown, retrieved via Pinterest; Wikipedia Commons
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