When Did You Start Wearing Makeup?

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Hi everyone,

Do you remember the first time you wore makeup? I’ll never forget my first experience. I was only 14 years old…

My mother took her eyeliner out after lining her eyes (all the while I was just watching her completely mesmerized), told me to look up, and lined my waterline halfway.
I turned to see my reflection in the mirror and I loved what I saw! It was so amazing to me that such a small adjustment could change my entire appearance!

Ever since then, I WAS HOOKED. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup makeup yet, but my mother did let me wear eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. I can still remember buying a tube of 99-cent lip gloss by NYC makeup, and it was sooo cheap, the roller ball from inside of the tube fell off, leaving my purse covered with strawberry goo! It was sooo gross and I was sooo upset. You really do get what you pay for!

So my question for all of you is: when was the first time you wore makeup? And how did it happen? I can’t wait to hear all of your stories and feature a few of my favorites on the homepage!

<3 Mish

  • itscecilialovey

    When I use to dance, our dance teacher did our makeup for recitals. I hated it because the eyeliner was liquid and i would feel as if i was crying. But I fell in love with makeup when i was 8 and in a fashion show. The makeup artists were professionals and i loved the way makeup could completely change how i looked. i would ask my cousins, my neighbors, anyone experienced with makeup to teach me. And i was hooked

  • Lany Puteri

    The first time I wore makeup is when I was 11 years old.When I wore it,it was very messy! Ugh,I hate that,but I keep practicing and it works! But my mother doesn’t allow me to wear makeup cause I’m still young.Mom told me I can wear makeup when I’m 17..If not,I will have pimples in my face.Can you tell me,for 13+ years old,when can I start wearing make up? Please tell me..

  • Kinza

    I am 18 and still wear make up only once in a while. Since I usually mess up with everything specifically eyeliner. I have my mind set to master it before uni. So I don’t look a nerd there :P
    Until then I am taking it easy.

  • Aienn R-Vee

    Me was when i’m 6. My grandma brought me a cute lipstick from the night market. I got the red coral color while my sister got fuschia pink. When I get home, I tried the lipstick. But my uncle tease me. He said he’s gonna cut my lips because my lips are bleeding and I cried aloud. :P

  • leatherlover6

    I was almost 13 when I started. I took my moms black eye pencil (highly unsanitary btw, one can get infections that way, luckily I did not) and scribbled on my waterline. I added some of her red lipstick on my lips and decided I looked like a china doll, and took the lipstick off. But ever since then, black eyeliner has been a staple for me.


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