You’ve probably heard people talk about showering sans body wash and gasped. The thought of how they can be clean and not reek of body odor instantly entered your mind. Some might be going the water-only route, while others are embracing the next best thing – cleansing oils. 

The no shampoo trend for your hair has proved effective for keeping it grease-free so it doesn’t seem completely unreasonable that ditching your body wash for a product-free or oil-only routine could work great for your skin. Each method leaving you confident that you smell great and feel fresh. So, should you say goodbye to your body wash? Consider the facts below.

Why you may want to ditch your body wash

First off, there isn’t anything entirely wrong with using soap to clean away your daily grime. Dermatologists tell you not to shower daily, but when you do need a refresh, a body wash mixed with water acts somewhat like the Avengers against dead skin and oil – working together to eliminate all kinds of bad. There are hundreds of different types with different ingredients meaning there is likely one that works well for you and smells divine. But soaps can also leave a residue behind, cause allergic reactions due to fragrance, throw off your natural pH level, and trigger excess oil production.

When you use the water-only method you have to be diligent about using a wash cloth to create friction and slough off the above mentioned impurities. While your skin will take some time adjusting to your new wash routine, there has been nothing but praise for going product free. Your body can hold on to the natural oils that moisturize your skin, your pH levels will normalize and you’ll save a little money. Going product-free isn’t for everyone though, so here’s the best of both worlds.

Body cleansing oils work just like those that you apply to your face. They attach to bad bacterias, clean the skin and actually lock in moisture (something many body washes can’t effectively do). No one likes over drying or slathering their body with products loaded with unknown ingredients. With cleansing oils, you usually get just that – a few essential oils combined with surfactants that work together to wash away dirt. Just like the water-only method cleansing oils balance your pH while also keeping excess oil production at bay. The best part is that these oils have natural ingredients with antioxidants and anti-aging properties.

If you’re debating on whether no more body wash makes sense for you, then make this time of year your test period (Hello, 2015!) – winter is a great time to lock in all the moisture you can. Here’s a few oils to try.

Have you tried cleansing oils or gone the water-only route? Would love to hear your experiences!

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