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Loyalty (Lilac) / Mother Nature (Spearmint) / Truth (Pineapple Kiwi) – $10 each

Hi everyone,

If you could make your nails smell like anything, what would you want them to smell like? Personally, I’ve never even considered what I’d like my nails to smell like, but scent-infused nail polish does exist!

One brand making the stuff is called Tuff Scent, and according to their website, their scented polishes will leave your nails smelling like the fragrance of your choice for 1-3 days. Crazy!! Other than the scent, they seem to be totally normal polishes. The photo at the top is a pic of their Water collection.

Revlon has released a few collections scented nail polishes in the past as well. Theirs are slightly cheaper than Tuff Scent’s but the collection is less extensive. You can view the colors here.

I haven’t tried scented polish before but I’m curious to know how well it works. It would definitely be a product to try out at the store and see if you like before buying…you would hate to buy a whole bottle of a smell you can’t stand.

Have any of you tried scented nail polish before? Would you try it? Sound off in the comments below!

<3 Mish

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