Would You Pay for Crooked Teeth?


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I’m beginning to think the vampire trend may be getting out of hand…

“Yaeba teeth” have become more and more trendy in Japan recently. If this term is new to you, in Japanese, the word yaeba means ‘double tooth’, and it describes the fang-y, pushed-out incisors look that usually results from bunched or crowded teeth.

So why have misaligned teeth become trendy? The crooked, fang-like yaeba teeth are said to make girls seem more approachable; the imperfection is considered desirable because it makes a girl appear more endearing and cute.


This look isn’t exactly new, but it has become increasingly visible and desirable as of late. So much so, in fact, that you can now pay to have your teeth altered to reflect this style: Dental Salon Plaisir in the Ginza district of Tokyo offers a cosmetic procedure in which artificial teeth are applied onto your natural teeth with non-permanent glue. Here are two examples of the finished look from their website:



I don’t know much about the health implications of this procedure, but in this CNNGo.com article, an interviewed orthodontist says: “It’s a crazy idea… Teeth have holes to let oxygen in. Covering them is bad for the tooth’s health.”


I’ve always believed that many perceived imperfections in appearance add uniqueness and personality, and actually enhance a person’s beauty. But is buying our quirks through cosmetic procedures taking it to an extreme? Or is this just a more unusual and drastic beauty alteration, similar to drawing on a beauty mark or growing out our eyebrows? Tell me what you think about all this in the comments section below.

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Photos: weheartit; OddityCentral; Dental Salon Plaisir


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