You Can’t Always Get What You Want

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Hi everyone,

Isn’t it funny how we always seem to want what we can never have? For example, Asian eyes come in all shapes and sizes, but I love monolids, and I really wish I had them!




I think this type of lid is so sexy and exotic…



Also, have you ever noticed how beautiful Taylor Swift’s eyes are or Blake Lively’s eyes? They’re both great examples of hooded lids–which I also LOVE.


Have you ever wanted something you can’t have? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

<3 Mish


  • mandapie

    yess! i wish i had double eye lids, monolids are so hard to apply make up and i often get teased because i dont have double eyelids): but i guess we have to learn to be grateful because someone out there wants what we have. x

  • 4blossoms

    Hi Michelle, I’d love to read more about makeup for monolid eyes. Please also talk about the beauty of monolid eyes too since we Asian women who have them are still smarting from years of being teased as children (kids chanting “ching chong chang” while pulling at the corners of their eyes comes to mind).

    Asian women too often hate their monolid eyes. I’d love to see more Asian women embrace the natural beauty they were born with, including eyes without the fold!

  • 4blossoms

    Loving your monolid eyes = Asian pride!!!


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