In order to be effective at work, school, or even, in daily life, you have to be able to manage your time.  No matter what you’re trying to achieve, lack of structure or schedule rarely leads to results. If you have a blog, if you’re working on a report for school…it all takes discipline and the ability to keep things in order. That’s why time management is an invaluable skill to have. Luckily, it’s easier to master than you might think. These 10 quick tips will have you dominating projects on the reg.

10 Quick TIps for Better Time Management

1. Manage a calendar – Add all of your appointments, as well as project deadlines, to a calendar you check daily. Set alerts an hour before each occurs so you don’t miss meetings or tests.

2. Find what works for you – There isn’t just one way to manage your calendar. If you rely on your phone to keep track of deadlines, use it. But if you can manage everything better by writing obligations down in a day planner, do that.

3. Tackle the worst projects firstStop procrastinating on projects you don’t want to do. They’ll go quicker than you expect if you tackle them first, leaving time to power through the easy, one step tasks you have.

4. Make a daily to-do list – Before bed, create a to-do list for the next day. So when you wake up, feeling refreshed, you’ll have everything you need to do right in front of you.

5. Add an estimated time to each task – On your to-do list, put an estimate of how long it will take to complete each task. This will hold you accountable and encourage you to make it through list items in a timely manner.

6. Block sites that distract – Don’t let Facebook or a Reddit thread waste your time, try a site like Cold Turkey that blocks certain websites for a set period of time so your mind doesn’t stray from projects.

7. Set advanced deadlines – Mark the final deadline on your calendar, but set another deadline a week before. This will create immediacy–tricking you into getting projects done faster. If you do meet the early deadline, more time for relaxation!

8. Avoid FOMO – It’s hard to say no to hanging out with your friends, but if you have deadlines coming up, don’t push them off. Kindly decline, banish any FOMO worries, and take care of business.

9. Master multitasking – If you can multitask between projects or professional and personal tasks, then you’ll be able to manage time nicely. Think of activities you can group together (laundry while you put together a presentation or respond to emails and take notes while riding the metro).

10. Don’t get caught up on details – Focusing on details the first time around can hold up the process of finishing papers and more. Instead write as much of a paper or pull together ideas for a project and then go back and review once everything is done. You’ll be able to manage projects so much easier.

Do you have any tricks for time management? Share in the comments.

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