There’s something so therapeutic about having a ritual. Whether it’s your nightly remove-makeup-and-apply-face-mask routine or gathering candles and incense for a meditation sesh, having that time on the down low is a great mental detox and if you find the right products, it can be beautifying and restorative too. The best part is that there is no one way to add an amazing ritual into your morning or nightly routine, and once you do, it works wonders for stress levels and positivity!

Beautify & Unwind with these Calming Products
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Here are some ideas for a perfect ritual to unwind (and beautify!):

1. Incorporate a relaxing ritual into your beauty routine – Facial mists like Glossier’s soothing face mist or have calm-inducing aloe and rose that also happen to hydrate and sooth. A slightly more intense regimen would be using a Hydrosol like this from Etsy shop Mullein and Sparrow, which is made of essential oils in a low concentration, so you reap the flower’s benefits while treating your skin. And it’s not just about facial mists, Skin Inc’s Relieve soothes with green tea extract while reducing redness and irritation, offering sun protection and refreshing skin. It does the work of many products in one serum.

2. Take your meditation to the next level - Burn incense, candles and/or smudge sticks to clear out negative energy and welcome a more intimate meditation experience. You can also apply an oil like Aquarian’s Headache Magic (or another depending on your ailment) that uses medicinal herbs, crystal healing and essential oils to heal, soothe and calm the senses. Some people have an effective meditation experience without anything at all, but I like to add comforting objects into my ritual as well as certain kinds of crystals to truly experience the present moment.

3. Transform your bedtime routine into a nightly oasis – Dry your linens with lavender for sleep-inducing sheets (as long as you’re not allergic of course) and unwind with a mug if your favorite herbal tea. Or, instead of drinking tea, why not bathe with it? This bath tea makes for an indulgent soak that will not only help you unwind, but nourish with its natural ingredients. You can also spray a linen and room mist like Amala’s rose mist to promote harmony and tranquility.

Can you think of a ritual to give your skin and body a little TLC? 

<3 Mish

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