Our eyes are the windows to our soul so we always want them looking their best. That’s why your eyelashes are the one feature you should never neglect when doing your makeup. Whether you want an au natural barely-there finish or something a bit more enchanting like my Free Spirit Summer look, mascara and perfectly curled lashes will widen your eyes, leaving you with alluring perky peepers. 

The type of mascara you use can impact your look drastically – it can create more volume, longer lashes, or make faint lashes look bold. However, it’s the tool before the product that can really work wonders on your bright, beautiful eyes. You may think holding your eyelash curler on your lashes for a few seconds each is enough to work them into upward submission, but the three tricks below will entirely change your eyelash game. So, say hello to the best curled lashes you’ve ever seen!

Eyelash Curler Tricks

Warm It Up – You could spend money on a warming eyelash curler, but there is no need. Find a good curler, like this Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, that fits your eye shape properly. Then, right before using, run the end of the eyelash curler under hot water (not scalding!) for a few seconds so the pad and metal heat up, then place your lashes inside and curl as you normally would. Similar to a curling iron for your hair, heating up your eyelash curler will give you a quicker and more dramatic lift to your lashes.


Change the Pads – You may think investing in one eyelash curler is all you’ll ever need and no maintenance is required, but the pads in your curler need attention every 3-6 months. Eyelash curler pads help give you your best lashes. After continual use the center of your pads may get smashed, dented or torn, which can change the way they curve, so treat them right and replace them regularly!


Use It Both Ways – Now that you have new pads and you’ve warmed up your eyelash curler, maximize your lashes by using the tool in a new way. Curl your lashes by holding the curler straight down. Then for a second squeeze, move the curler a little closer to the tips of your lashes. This time, squeeze your lashes for 3 seconds while lifting the base of the eyelash curler perpendicular to your face – It will feel like you’re pressing the end of the lash curler into your eyelid. This extra move heightens curl and aids longer-lasting wear.

Have you tried any of these tricks? What do you do to make your lashes stand out?  

Good luck!

<3 Mish


Photo: Seventeen

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