All over the world, spas have a long history of dedication to internal health – from tapping into the healing powers of mineral water to making the most of the benefits of meditation and yoga – we’re finally starting to see a return of these highly regarded approaches. For a while, it was all about that outer glow and natural ways to beautify. But beauty comes from within, and now that people are starting to consider holistic health and alternative therapies once again, modern day spas are stepping it up – in these ways specifically.

3 Luxury Spa Treatments to Inspire Your Wellness Routine

Amped Up Luxury Treatments

Luxury has always known no bounds, and thus it’s an important part of spa culture. For those who can afford it, the possibilities to pamper are limitless. One of the latest treatments popping up in the most prestigious spas in Europe and the US is luxury beauty brand Natura Bisse’s Diamond Rose Ritual treatment containing damask rose and a potent miracle mixture of active ingredients. This treatment was formed for immediate results because it’s used to get celebs red carpet ready. Not only does this several step process (including an intense facial and massage) give a sampling from their product line, it leaves skin looking and feeling like it went through much more than your average facial.

At-home fix: DIY yourself a rejuvenating facial, or choose one or two Natura Bisse products to add to your regimen.

Futuristic Health & Fitness

Even when it comes to fitness, spas have a way of forecasting the trends – or rather, creating them. Everything from yoga to hiking an extreme (both in beauty and difficulty) landscape is game for a wellness retreat. One of the most interesting activities as of late is aerial exercise. Yep, things are getting futuristic in the world of spas. Recently studies have suggested that flotation therapy can relieve ailments like headaches, pain, stress and even insomnia. In regards to fitness, aerial yoga and anti-gravity treadmills (which you can actually buy but are also in select health spas), though nothing terribly new, are appealing to the masses. Aerial yoga combines yoga with aerial dance with the use of a yoga hammock and apparently helps muscles loosen up and relax. It does look intriguing

At-home fix: You’ll probably have to stick to watching yoga videos on Youtube or try a 10-minute workout rather than a crazy exercise routine. But believe it or not, the dedicated can purchase yoga hammocks to install at home.

Emotional Wellbeing Programs

Spas have always promoted relaxation – it’s inevitable in such a soothing environment, after all. But these days, it seems there is a lot of focus on the above beauty and physical health, not so much about emotional health. Well, there are top wellness spas around the world such as renowned Kamalaya Koh Samui in Thailand that integrate it completely into their process. Not only are there detox programs to deal with stress and burnout, not to mention fitness and sleep enhancement programs, they have a dedicated package for emotional wellbeing called Embracing Change. It’s the first of their programs targeting emotions specifically, and includes a consultation, bioimpedance analysis, several different massages and traditional Chinese medicine – and that’s just part of it. Say it with me now: Ahhhh.

At-home fix: Incorporate meditation into your daily routine and embrace positivity without even leaving the house.

It’s all a little out there, but you have to admit it’d be nice to give some of these treatments a try. ^_^

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