Our makeup bags can sometimes look like a cosmetic counter exploded all over the place. We have a product for just about everything and a different shade of each item as well. While owning the proper products to create a specific look is ideal (helping to produce a flawless finished face), it isn’t always realistic. Sometimes we’re on the go, having a last minute sleep over with friends or simply haven’t made it to the store to replenish our stock. That’s why I’ve found alternate ways to get the job done without sacrificing your overall appearance. Here are four beauty tricks that will change your makeup game big time. With a few dual purpose beauty products, you’ll look just as fabulous as if you had an entire Sephora inventory at your disposal.

4 beauty tricks every girl should know four

Custom Made BB Cream

BB creams have become a beauty staple for many of us. It nourishes our skin and gives us just enough coverage to mask blemishes and even our skin tone. But it isn’t always easy to find one that delivers. Either the shade of the product doesn’t quite match our skin or the formula feels heavy. Luckily, by mixing your daily face lotion with a thin liquid foundation like L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation your complexion will look even and your skin will appear dewy instead of oily. Sure you’ve heard this one before, but the trick is to go with a lotion that is oil-free or mattifying. Many mattifying lotions have talc in them and will absorb the abundance of oil your skin produces. These lotions will still moisturize deep down, while keeping your skin elasticity up and your skin smooth. Combining a thin foundation works best, as it follows the rules of skin care order, and with so many color options available, you’re sure to find one that matches your skin perfectly.

Eyeshadow that Stays and Brightens

If there is one beauty product that is always in our bags it has to be a lipstick. So when you need a little color on your lids and there is no eyeshadow in sight, reach for your lip color. Begin by applying lipstick to the back of your hand, then swirl your finger in the color and gently dab it across your eyelid. With spring just around the corner, a light pink lid or bold one in radiant orchid will be on trend and beautiful. A cream lip color will stay put for hours and won’t crease like some powder eyeshadows do. Bonus: Brushing pink across your eyelid actually brightens your eyes, creating a happy looking eye, so put that pink lipstick to good use! Try Dior ‘Addict’ Lipstick in Baby Rose for a pretty in pink eye, and a color that looks fabulous on lips as well.

Instant Cheekbones

Many of us yearn for the type of sharp cheekbones usually reserved for models. But you can achieve them as well with this trick for creating the illusion of prominent, glowing cheekbones. After you apply your base makeup, skip the blush and go straight for the bronzer. Using a cream bronzer with little to no sparkle, apply the product on your cheeks to your temples and along the bridge of your nose. A bronzer a few shades darker than your skin, when applied to the cheeks, will accentuate your bone structure. If you’re tanned or have darker skin, this trick will work exceptionally well; You’ll look like you recently returned from a tropical vacation – a sun-kissed look everyone loves without risking sun damage.

Eyebrow Setter

Whether you are embracing the bold brow trend or wearing yours a bit more natural, you’ll always want them to look tamed and in place. A furrowed brow only leads to frowns! If you’re on the run without a brow pencil or brow gel to enhance the color and hold everything in place, grab your favorite lip balm. Then using your finger, swipe a half a pea size of lip balm across your brow starting from the edge closest to your nose and follow the shape of your brow (out and then down to define the arch). The balm will darken your brow a bit and give it the staying power you’ll need for a day of errands or a night on the town.

What beauty products have more than one use in your life? Share with me below and I’ll try them out for a future list!

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