If you’re anything like me, you start many mornings off in a frenzy. Sometimes there isn’t enough time between getting the required amount of rest and running out the door! It’s in the morning though that we should be kindest to our body – refreshing, refueling and rejuvenating it. We want our thoughts to be clear and our bodies to be open, welcoming a new day with new energy. If you give yourself 5 extra minutes every morning to do something good for yourself, then you’re on your way to the perfect start. Before you hop in the shower and enjoy your morning cup of coffee (and you know I love my coffee) take a few minutes to tackle these 4 quick and easy morning stretches.

Neck and Shoulder Morning Stretch Routine

1) Neck and Shoulder Stretch - Sitting with legs crossed on the floor, tilt your head forward, relaxing the muscles. Slowly roll your neck from right to left, holding for 5 seconds on each side. Repeat this 3 times. Next, lift your shoulders towards the ceiling then gently drop them down to a relaxed position. Continue by rolling shoulders forward and back. Repeat 3 times.

Chest Flex2) Chest Flex - Still sitting with legs crossed, extend your arm behind your back and interlock your fingers. Slowly lift your arms up towards your shoulders. Hold for 20 seconds.

Standing Stretch

3) Standing Stretch - Standing with your legs shoulder width apart, extend your hands above your head, locking your fingers together or holding your wrist. Bend at the waist to the left. Hold for 10-20 seconds. Repeat on the right. This will elongate your spine, which can tighten during the night, and help mobility throughout the day.

Bonus: Lift one leg and place on your inner thigh right above your knee. You’ll feel like a flamingo, but this move will help you balance and, believe it or not, release stress! Hopefully you’re starting out the day stress-free, but it’s always better to release any pent up bad vibes to start your day off right!

Hamstring Stretch4) Hamstring Stretch - Extend your left leg in front of you and rest on your heel. Place your hands on the front of your thigh, then bend your right leg and lean back slightly. You should feel tension in your hamstring. Hold for 15 seconds and then repeat the move with your other leg. This is great for when you’re standing all day on the job!

Each of these stretches are so simple, but can make a BIG difference in your day.

How do you stretch it out? With a morning routine or possibly yoga? Let me know below! 

<3 Mish

Photos: Illustrations by Rachael Yap. Follow her on Instagram at @raeraeyap


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