Eyeliner. You might not rock it daily, but it’s sure to make an appearance when getting glammed up at night. If you’re a daytime wearer, because we don’t all have eyes that pop naturally, then you likely have a few tricks up your sleeve for that 5 pm transition. But no matter what type of liner girl you are, one thing is for sure–you don’t have to stick to the basics. I love a good cat-eye as much as the next person, but beauty risks have never been something I’ve shied away from. If you’re feeling the New Year, New You vibes and want to freshen up your look, then save that smoky eye for safe days and give one of these 4 new ways to wear eyeliner a go.

Way to apply eyeliner

1. Dotted Line - I love this look because it seems ultra wild, but is perfect for a subtle bump to your bottom lash line. And, with festival season not too far off, it’s a look you’ll want to master. Using a sharp pencil liner that sticks, like Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil, lightly line your upper waterline, then create 3 circles (each one a little bigger than the previous) towards the outer corner of your eye. Try a brown shade for a more natural look or play dreamer for the day in a light purple or aqua.

2. Shooting Star - This is absolutely a night out look. Worn on runways this past year, it’s for the statement maker. Wearing your liner jutting out of the corner of your eye is like wearing jewels along the brow or metallic Flash tattoos. You can apply a straight black line along your top lash line and then on the lower, draw an open triangle and a line extending (kind of like part of a star) up and out. This is best done with a pencil or cream liner for a soft edge.

3. Graphic Liner - This look has been done subtly by women with hooded eyelids for years–drawing in the crease adds depth to the eye–but with this year’s style, I’m saying go big. Instead of blending the eyeliner into your shadow, create a distinct line with a gel liner that won’t budge. Draw a short line towards the outer edge of your eyebrow, then use your natural crease or slightly higher to make an arch across your lid, ending it just short of the inner corner of your eye.

4. Divergent Liner - Such a technical name for a easy eye look! Divergent eyeliner makes the eye appear more open and bright. It’s super simple and an excellent day look, especially if wearing hushed hues. Start by applying eyeliner to the upper lid (again a pencil or gel works best). Begin at the inner corner of the eye and let the line get slightly thicker as you move towards the outer edge, extending the line straight out. Then, in the middle of your lower lash line, draw a line outward, also extending it past the eye’s edge. The two lines should be parallel to each other.

Which of these looks would you wear? 

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