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Happy New Year! The first few days of the new year are usually full of resolution making. It’s the time to plan work out routines, vow to read more, and start a new hobby. It’s also the time to refresh your beauty routine and look. You don’t need to be overly ambitious, tackling everything you want to achieve on day one, but you can revamp and renew the right way with these five new year beauty do’s. 

Must Try Beauty for New Year

Clean Out Your Makeup Bag – Wherever you have your makeup stored, now is the time to get out with the old and in with the new. Even though we won’t let our favorite lipstick out of sight, it’s important to step away from products when they expire. When makeup is past its prime it can affect coverage or even worse, cause discoloration–leaving you with a dulled lip instead of a fiery pout. What better time than January to abandon the bad and use the purge to reorganize your stash. 

Vow to Try New Beauty - Practice makes perfect, and with endless beauty trends and innovative products on the market, 2014 is the year to give it all a try! Ok, maybe you can’t try every new look, but you can select one feature you’d like to perfect and become a master. You may want to become a manicure maven or crack down on your contouring skills. Either way, make this year one of adventure and beauty dares!

Refresh your Locks - It’s likely you’re making a few major hair mistakes, and your tresses are experiencing winter weather woes. The combination can lead to some intense breakage. Since the new year is time for change, turn a drastic cut into a 2014 must. Who knows, new bangs might be your most flattering look yet. 

Beautify from Within – What we eat and how we treat our bodies is extremely important. Not only so we can live a happy and healthy life, but so nasty skin issues don’t arise. Yes, stress, lack of sleep and poor dietary choices can leave you feeling sluggish and your skin looking fatigued–blemishes and fine lines are on no one’s wish list. So make those healthy living resolutions count this year–you’ll do your body a favor in more ways than one! 

Embrace your Natural Face – A bare face in public might be considered a beauty dare to some, but it shouldn’t be! A natural face is just as beautiful as one wearing makeup, and we should all be comfortable in our own skin. Give your skin time to breathe and discover your best features by wearing a clean, make-up free face once a week. You’ll discover a whole new you, and be surprised by compliments from friends about your natural glow. 

What beauty do’s will you take on this year? Share with me in the comments below. 

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