You have to admit, your Pinterest beauty boards are probably a lot more bold than than the makeup routine you sport on an everyday basis. A lot of the times we see a chic beauty look on someone else, but we either don’t think we can pull it off, or don’t even consider doing something so risky. This year, cast your fears aside and just go for it! In the spirit of sticking to those resolutions, here’s a few beauty risks worth taking!

Beauty Risks to Take This Year

1. Make the cut… Or the dye. There’s always that hairstyle in the back of our minds that is nothing like what we’d normally sport. Maybe it’s a long bob, a killer set of fringe, or a totally unnatural dye job (hello, pastel locks!). Why not make this your year to go for it? Get it out of your system – that way, you’ll never wonder what you’d look like with short hair or pink hair again – and you’ll probably have a ton of fun doing it.

2. Change up your brow game. I suspect the thick, full brow look will be in again this year, but no matter what’s trending, your brows have a huge impact on how your face looks. If you’ve always wanted to let them grow out to get the look, finally commit this year. Or, if you’ve never gotten them professionally shaped, book an appointment with a reputable salon. You can even experiment with filling them in on your own to give them more definition. You never know when a look may end up your new go-to – even with brows.

3. Sport a bold makeup look for a week. Save this one for mid-year when you’re in a beauty rut. Ditch the 10-minute beauty routine you apply in a rush before work/school and resolve to spend a little more time in front of your vanity using that makeup you love but never actually feel you have a reason to wear. It’s a great test in self discovery: forcing yourself out of your comfort zone will help you learn what makes you feel most confident, and can force you to have fun experimenting.

4. Make a beauty investment. Any financial investment is a risk, and beauty is no different. Take a risk on a product or service you normally wouldn’t invest in – like that professional brow shaping or a new hair tool. There’s no guarantee it will pay off, but if it does, you’ll be so thrilled that you made an investment that makes you feel fabulous everyday. Choose wisely though ;)

5. Go makeup free. Depending on your level of comfort, go makeup free for a day or a week or more – and I don’t mean on days you’re not leaving the house! Just like #3, this can tell you a lot about yourself, but it also serves another purpose that will pay off in the end: it gives your skin a breather from all the products you normally use. This is a must for those of us who usually layer on the products before going anywhere.

Do you have any risks to add? List them below!

<3 Mish

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