I’m a big fan of eating. It can be comfort foods or delectable treats, or ohh, my mom’s pho (so delicious)–no matter what, I’m usually game. I’m also a massive fan of incredible typography, especially when it comes to ways you can incorporate handwritten style fonts into your life. So when the two combine–words and grub–I’m instantly in love. Today’s 5 favorites, celebrates the written word as made with the edible by some unbelievably talented artists.

Silvia Lana

1. Silvia Lana - Lana’s typography work is ridiculously good. She has scripts down to a fine art, whether or not there is food involved. The Italian artist has been featured on multiple blogs and helped design layouts for various brands. What makes Lana’s work different than the others included is how detailed and full each lettered scene is. You can check out her work on her Instagram.

5 Favorites: Food Typography Artists

2. Nikko Pascua - A marketer/graphic designer who shoots restaurant-ready mouthwatering pictures, Pascua also creates typography masterpieces. His work is clean, but full of detail. His use of color is spot on as well. Pascua is fairly young so it’s thrilling to see what else he’ll come up with in the future. His Instagram isn’t loaded with food photos yet, but it’s definitely worth a peek.

Vickie Liu

3. Vickie Liu – Liu is a whole other type of creator. Instead of sculpting words out of spices and fruits, Liu makes desserts that look too good to eat. One such treat are these letter cookies that she covers in gorgeous pastel icing. Each time they say a different phrase and carry a witticism that makes you smile in seconds. While her words are featured today, you have to see the Australian’s other adorable sweets (I can’t get enough).

5 Favorites: Food Typography Artists

4. Becca Clason – Clason is no newbie to the dimensional typography game, especially when it comes to food. She’s amazing. Clason’s work has been featured by Target, American Express, Larabar, the list continues. Seriously, her stuff will make your jaw drop. Food isn’t her only specialty though, she’s been known to sculpt flowers and stones and anything else into pieces of beauty. You can see her diversity on her website.

5 Favorites: Food Typography Artists

5. Danielle Evans – Evans has vibrant on lock! Her simplistic food typography pops against bold backgrounds. Danielle has also made a pretty great career out of her love for typography, she’s done work for Target, MTV and Four magazine and more. I love how inventive her work is and how she uses food in ways much different than the others featured. Be blown away, and get hungry, by the work on her site.

Know any creatives who should be featured in my 5 favorites? Lemme know below!

<3 Mish


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