With school and work schedules, your days are likely to get pretty hectic. There are extracurricular activities, after-school jobs and just the stresses of daily life that keep you from taking time to refocus, refresh and relax. But stress stinks! It can cause health problems, as well as completely drain you. Our happiness and wellbeing are of the utmost importance, so taking time out for yourself is a must.

To unwind at the end of a busy day, I like to do activities that focus my mind and help calm my nerves. Even if I’m taking a mid-day break these tasks allow me bounce back immediately. They also stop my mind from racing, which gets me one step closer to a better night’s rest.  Each of us have a hobby or activity that soothes our soul – to kick off a new series on the site, I’m sharing my 5 favorite ways to unwind.

5 Favorites: Ways to Unwind

1. Drawing - I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. Drawing transports me to another world and allows me to express myself when I can’t any other way. If you enjoy painting or drawing, I say, pursue it! A little music, some paper and your favorite pens or watercolors will allow you to hone your skills, steady your mind, and erase any negative energy from earlier in the day. The trick is to set aside time for yourself to really work on your creative pursuits. Don’t feel forced to draw, just let whatever is in your mind flow on onto the canvas during a break.

5 Favorites: Ways to Unwind

2. Meditation - When my days are filled with chaos I enjoy a meditation session before getting ready for bed. Along with focused meditations, I pull out my singing bowl and let the sounds relax my body and calm my overall being. Because the bustle of big cities can cloud our minds, I find a little meditation goes a long way in grounding me for the next day.

5 Favorites: Ways to Unwind

3. Burn Incense - With any of these activities, incorporating essential oils or burning incense into the experience can make each that much more effective. Certain scents are known to relax the body. If you’re experiencing muscle strain, headaches, or have a scattered attention span, these aromas will steer you back on track. They’ve been known to alleviate pain and banish any bad vibes.

5 Favorites: How to Unwind

4. Writing - Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” Writing is a way to release these stories. You don’t have to tell them to others;  you can document your own experiences or scribble fictional tales and poetry. There’s no right way to journal, that’s the beauty of it! I like to jot down memories, but I enjoy writing stories to go along with my drawings too. And if stories aren’t your thing, writing can help you gain clarity on the day ahead. You’ll be worry-free about tomorrow if you make to-do lists before going to sleep.

5 Favorites: Ways to Unwind

5. Stretch Session - While my other favorites will nourish your mind and soul, your body deserves to be just as relaxed as your brain. You can stretch before bed, but I find a silent stretch sess in the a.m. guides me towards a bright beginning. I can shake off any tension or worries from the previous day and start with a clean slate. These morning stretches take less than 10 minutes and can do you a whole lot of good!

How do you unwind? Am I missing a quick trick to instant bliss? Share with me below!

<3 Mish


Photos: Instagram, Silvia Galli, Yogaglo. 


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