Now that it’s Memorial Day, summer is essentially here and with its long-awaited arrival comes the age old question: How can I style my hair in a way that combats the intense heat, is trendy and doesn’t take a whole day to achieve? Well, some of this year’s trending hairstyles may seem pretty out of the box, but you’re bound to find one for you, whether it’s a manageable half bun or a daring undercut and more:

5 Hair Trends To Get Behind Before Summer - The Half Bun via Michelle Phan

If You’re Casual: The Half Bun Whether your locks are Rapunzel-long or freshly chopped into a strong mid-length style, this look can work for you. Simply section off a large piece on top of your head and tease it into a messy bun like in the photo above. A smooth, twisted bun secured in place with bobby pins also works if you’re going for chic.

If You’re Daring: The Undercut If you’ve seen my trend report, you know that it doesn’t get any edgier than an experimental new cut like this. Follow the masterful work of @Guy_Tang and @johnny_spanakos on Instagram for their innovative undercut designs that are paired with bold, futuristic colors. Would you try this one?

If You’re Artsy: Hair StencilingHitting up Bonnaroo or Lollapalooza this summer? Get ready to rock the stencil. This hair trend for the inner artist is sweeping the nation and it’s exactly what you imagine – literally stenciling a design right onto hair. Artists such as Janine Ker are paving the way in this form of hair art. Ker bases her stencil creations off of her own sketches and original designs before transforming them into patterns and stencils for a bold new do.

If You’re Au Naturel: No Heat Waves – The last thing we want to deal with during summertime is an added layer of heat. A soft, fun curl but without a curling wand or hairdryer IS possible: Twist smaller strands into coils around 2 fingers. Once entire strand is coiled, fasten the outermost edge of the entire coil vertically with a bobby pin to secure the shape of the entire coil. Once all of your hair has been pinned into curls, lock it in with hairspray and allow it to sit for 5 minutes. Unpin, flip your head over and shake out the curls a bit to loosen. This blog has a full tutorial.

If You Love a Good Pony: The Knotted Pony – If you’re looking for an easy updo, this is a fun one that looks more complicated than it is. Separate hair into two sections and twist each strand in opposite directions. Twist-tie strands together multiple times until hair is knotted into an intricate bun.

Which hairstyle will you be rocking this month?


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