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Coconut oil is all the rage right now. From treatment oils for your hair and skin to the good old fashioned oil found on your kitchen shelves, it’s safe to say that coconut oil is front and center in the beauty world. There are many uses for coconut oil and its benefits run rampant, but with the latest surge of oil pulling coverage, I’m afraid some of the other oils that can work wonders on your body are being brushed aside. While essential oils can aid everything from headaches to allergies, some of the oils you drizzle over salads are packed with nutrients and benefits you could never imagine. Coconut oil shouldn’t disappear from your routine, but trying to incorporate these five oils will definitely give you a little beauty oomph.

5 Oils that Deserve a Place in Your Beauty Routine

1. Argan Oil – While culinary argan oil is used to dress salads and for dipping breads (it has been linked to helping prevent cancer and obesity), its cosmetic form fights against acne, combats dry skin and hydrates hair. The vitamin E in argan oil, as well as antioxidants, act as a heat protectant for your locks and sunburn soother.  There are plenty of DIY argan oil masks for your hair and face worth trying.  And you can purchase Josie Maran 100 percent Argan Oil to be used as a daily moisturizer. 

2. Grape Seed Oil - Used often for baking, grape seed oil is also your go-to when wanting to use a natural moisturizing product to shave your legs. This light oil acts as a lubricate, making your daily shave nick free and hydrating. If you’re in love with your shave gel, you can also apply grape seed oil after shaving to calm redness or razor burn. No mixing or DIY recipes needed, just apply a small amount of oil to your legs and viola. 

3. Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil is a miracle worker of a different kind. While it doesn’t possess the hydrating powers of coconut oils or others listed here, it battles acne, fights fungal infections, banishes dandruff and can cure bad breath – there is little it can’t fight against! But before you think cooking with it or drinking is your ticket, do not consume! Tea tree oil is toxic if swallowed so when using to rid bad breath, mix a few drops with water, then swoosh in your mouth and spit out. Read about its benefits further and get a DIY mask on my post, here

4. Pomegranate Seed Oil – Loaded with antioxidants, pomegranate seed oil is your manes first love. It nourishes your locks instantly by strengthening, reviving dull, damaged hair and helps stimulate blood circulation at the scalp, which in turn aids hair growth. It also lends a hand to skin elasticity, meaning a few drops of this oil on your face will improve skin tone and reduce collagen deterioration – consider this a new way to prevent against signs of aging.  

5. Amla Oil – A rare oil that you don’t hear much about is amla oil. Also known as indian gooseberry oil, the tannin in alma oil has been used in inks and in various shampoos as a combatant against premature graying and hair loss. Apply a small amount to the scalp after you’ve shampooed to get the best results from this oil. You may even be able to forego conditioner if applied with every wash. Optimum Salon Haircare Alma Legend Billion Hair Potion rejuvenates your strands and is just one of the many Optimum products that can fight against graying. 

What oils do you use in your beauty routine? 

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