I’ve been struggling through a cold this week. Blah. Being sick is the worst. The time to relax and catch up on my favorite anime is nice, but feeling worn down and achy sucks. I prefer to use natural remedies whenever I’m feeling ill. This can include essential oils, lemon and ginger tea, manuka honey (which has so many amazing uses) and the most helpful medicine of all, sleep. There is one other item I have by my side as soon as I feel a stuffy nose, Tiger Balm. For realz, Tiger Balm is the ish!

Developed in Burma in the 1870s, Tiger Balm is one of those remedies that can help with so many issues. It’s made of a secret herbal recipe that’s said to have been around since the time of Chinese emperors. If something like this is fit for a king, then it’s fine with me. Lol.

5 Uses for Tiger Balm

Right now I’m using Tiger Balm to soothe the mind and clear congestion, but between the red and white formula, here are other amazing uses. Seriously, I know people who have this on hand 24/7–you never know when disaster will strike–and it lasts FOREVER!

Muscle aches - The product has a tad bit of menthol in it, which can help alleviate pain and inflammation. Many athletes over the years have used this to treat sprains or back pain. It’s even been known to help those with arthritis.

Sore throat and colds - There are a lot of symptoms you can experience when sick. By rubbing Tiger Balm on your chest and throat, you can help get rid of some of the issues you’re experiencing. The product acts like vapor rub so it helps your nose while easing soreness.

Allergies - Similar to the way it works when your sick, Tiger Balm helps open up your nasal passage to banish congestion caused by allergens.

Headaches - Simply inhaling the scent of Tiger Balm can alleviate headaches. Though, like other essential oils, it works well when rubbed onto your temples.

Bug bites - You can apply it before encountering mosquitos, but if you forget and end up with bites, it works like a charm to calm the itch. Like all other uses, just apply topically for instant relief. This is a savior every time I’m in Thailand.

One thing to note is the product comes in a red and white formula. The red is loaded with additional essential oils for a more intense effect–this is typically the one used for severe muscle aches. If you have skin sensitivities, start with the white formula. If you have no reaction to it, and  need something that packs a bigger punch, try the red.

Do you use Tiger Balm? What did it help you with?

<3 Mish

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