The best beauty tools aren’t always the ones you buy in the makeup department. They are the everyday items throughout your house that, with a little imagination, become the ultimate makeup multitaskers. You can use tea bags, scotch tape, business cards and more to revitalize everything from your face to your nails. But there is one household item that reigns queen when it comes to upping your beauty game – the spoon. You can use a spoon for, well, just about everything when it comes to prepping your palette and applying your products! Below are 6 beauty tricks that you can do with a spoon…

Beauty Tricks to do with a spoon

  1. Contour your Face - Place the inside of a spoon against the apple of your cheek. Then using the bottom edge of the spoon as a guide, apply contouring powder on the hollow of your cheek. You can also use a cream product like the em Chiaroscuro Contour and Highlighter Stick to create a line from the tip of the spoon towards your ear. Remove the spoon and blend in the perfectly-placed product.
  2. Curl Your Eyelashes - If your eyelash curler is nowhere in sight, a spoon will be the answer to your prayers. Hold a spoon against your eyelid and using your thumb, press your lashes against the rim of the spoon. This will create a bend in the lashes and leave you with curled, lust-worthy lashes.
  3. Apply Mascara - Keep those lashes in place by setting them with mascara. Similar to using a business card, use the bottom of a spoon as a barrier between your lashes and skin. Place a plastic spoon against your skin and apply mascara as you usually would – pressing your lashes against the spoon with the wand to ensure full coverage.
  4. Fix Broken Makeup - When your favorite lipstick or blush takes a tumble the outcome can be disastrous. But with the help of a spoon and a little pressure, all will be right in the world of beauty! Follow my tips on how to fix broken makeup and make sure to have a spoon handy.
  5. Remove Excess Lipstick - Applying makeup with clean hands is important, because it helps keep your skin clear and bacteria away from your pores. Instead of using your finger to remove excess lipstick from your pout, keep your hands clean with the help of a spoon. Flip a spoon upside down, place it in your mouth and then remove. Much like using your finger, this will remove excess color from the inside your lip, banishing lipstick-covered teeth woes.
  6. Create a Cat-Eye - The hardest part of creating a cat-eye is keeping your lines straight. Use the edge of a spoon to your advantage for the purr-fect finish. :) Place the handle along the outer corner of your eye at a slight angle, then draw a line with your liquid eyeliner towards your hairline. Next, place the edge of the spoon faced down against your eyelid. Draw another line from your eyelid to the end of your first line and fill in where necessary. Your spoon created cat-eye is done.

The tricks don’t stop there. Watch my video from last year for a few more spoon beauty uses.

What household item have you used in your beauty routine? Share below! 

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