I’ve talked about my favorite green juice and the best detoxifying foods, but did you know that all those super foods have a major beauty payoff too? Nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables often contain vitamins and minerals responsible for providing that natural glow we all want our skin to have. You don’t have to stick to a strict diet of leafy greens and classic fruits, however – you can switch up your diet with these uncommon super foods.Uncommon Superfoods with Major Beauty Benefits | MichellePhan.com


1) Camu Camu – This Brazilian fruit known for its medicinal uses grows in the Amazon rain forest. It contains a ton of vitamin C (60x more than an orange does), which is a building block for collagen that helps with skin elasticity. It also has beta-carotene, potassium and more. Camu Camu isn’t widely available here in the US, so people usually obtain it in powder form – therefore, you’ll need to do your research before consuming this one!

2) Purple Sweet Potato – This new variation of good ol’ sweet potatoes is said to have more antioxidants than the more familiar variety. Even their pigment, Anthocyanin, helps produce the antioxidants. The craziest part? Unlike some veggies, their nutritional value increases when cooked! It’s grown locally and available here in the US. Getting a healthy dose of antioxidants will do wonders for your skin: they help prevent and repair skin problems, like wrinkles and sun damage.

3) Paw Paw – The Paw Paw fruit, native to North America, is most similar to a banana, but has more vitamin C (among others) and minerals. This makes it a sought after fruit for healthy, glowing, strong skin. Paw paw is good to consume or apply topically via natural beauty products from lotions to lip balms.

4) Daikon Radish – Containing loads of vitamin C and fiber, daikon is a great pick for any meal. It also has protein and vitamin B6, which is known to help maintain healthy skin and hair. Interesting fact: Radish juice applied topically has historically been used as an acne treatment too.

5) Aronia Berries – AKA chokeberries, these super fruits are similar in taste to blueberries. They’re ridiculously high in antioxidants, totally blowing blueberries and pomegranates out of the water. Because of this, studies suggest they could play a part in reducing risks of cancer and other health conditions. Like I talked about with the purple sweet potato, those antioxidants are key for beautiful skin.

6) Celeriac – This type of celery grown for its roots has made its way onto the juicing scene because of its health benefits: antioxidants, Vitamin C, vitamin K, B complex, etc. It’s actually quite popular in other parts of the world, but not as commonly used in the US – though still available. Use it in your green juice or add it to a soup to reap the benefits.

Have you tried any of these fruits and veggies?

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