Sparkle. You’ll hear this word over and over this season. Because, while all year we’re able to shine bright by wearing sequin skirts and glitter nails, by December something takes over that has you wearing more bling than you care to admit. You don’t have to wear layers of sparkle to show off your love of the holidays or things that glisten. Even Human the Cat is a sucker for things that reflect. :) Sometimes we can risk going overboard when trying to look as glamorous as possible, so today I’m tackling the more subtle ways to glimmer. For the days when you want to dial it back a notch but still catch the eye of your crush, here are six ways to wear sparkle whether you’re rocking a pencil skirt and blouse or boyfriend jeans and a white tee. 

6 Ways to Wear Sparkle

1. Eyes - Glitter on the lids is an eye-catching way (pun intended) to get noticed. You can layer cosmetic grade glitter over your existing makeup with a liquid sealer or use eye shadows that already have glitter and metallic hues blended in. Think, dramatic eye with a simple outfit. Brush the glitter across the center of your eyelid to the outer edge on a cat eye to add some flickers and flair. Your eyes will be a bit of a tease that only shows off when you close your lids.

2. Shoes - There is something about glittery heels that I can NOT get enough of. Maybe it’s some strange Dorothy “No Place Like Home” thing or just that nothing quite makes me feel like I can reach the sky more than stand out heels, but owning a pair of glitter pumps or rhinestone heeled sandals in muted or neutral tones enhances any outfit. If you ever feel underdressed for a night out with the girls, grab these Jeffrey Campbell Dulce Pumps while running out the door and they’ll elevate your outfit instantly.

3. Bag - One of my favorite every day ways to twinkle is by carrying a bag that has just a touch of sparkle. No matter what you’re wearing this glitter and mint envelope clutch from thislovesthat will match perfectly and give your overall look a feminine but subtle glow. You can DIY a bag like this with glitter and sealant spray to make your own custom design. If you’re not into pastels or bright hues and find yourself leaning more towards black and grey, you too can even carry a glitter accent bag. Just find one with a single stripe or geometric design in a dark hue that will only reflect when caught just right by the light.

4. Jewelry - While statement necklaces are dominating just about every woman’s jewelry drawer, an everyday way to class up a t-shirt and jeans type of day is with big chunky crystal or glitter bracelets. You can wear stacks on stacks on stacks, or one big Glitter Finish Hinge Cuff.  Adding these bracelets to your outfit will turn your casual clothes into a fashion-forward ensemble.

5. Shirt - One misconception is that glittery wardrobe pieces are meant to be worn together or saved exclusively for nice events. Those days are over! Now you can mix shiny co-ords (like this New Years one) with basics and wear wherever you want. Sequin skirts have always stuck in fashion but this year get yourself a sequined top. When the chunky cuff above doesn’t do it for your sparkle fix, trade our your plain white tee for a boxy sequin top, toss on boyfriend jeans and white Chucks and tackle your day in style.

6. Lips - Immediately you might think that glitter on the lips will look too much like costume makeup or even not wearable, but I assure you, it is! All you need to do is pick a glitter the same shade of your lip color to apply over your lipstick. Apply color as usual and then using your finger or a wet brush (Aqua Seal drops work nicely for blending and setting loose glitter) and dab on your lips. Since the glitter is the same shade it just adds shimmering flecks. The finer the glitter the better – you want your lips to still look smooth not chunky.

How will you wear sparkle this season?

<3 Mish

Photo: Forever21

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