During the summer your biggest concerns should involve what outdoor adventures you’ll get into and how many DIY popsicles need to be made for your weekend bbq. No need to worry about sunburns, how to keep your drinks cool and what bug just nibbled on you. Best to save those stresses for the more important life decisions you’re making. So when it comes to simple tricks to make sure there are no obstacles keeping you from a chill vibe, you can’t help but get on board. These summer hacks, with common household items, are just what you need.

8 Summer Hacks To Make Life Easier

Make a Natural Sunscreen - If you’re in a pinch skip store bought sunscreens that promise all day protection but leave you with a sheen no one is excited about and whip up a batch of your own that contains oils for added skin benefits. Into the Gloss has a great recipe to test out.

Remove Sand with Baby Powder - The worst part about beach days is finding sand days later in your shoes and car. Avoid this frustration by bringing baby powder with you to the beach. Apply all over your feet before a trek through the sand and your feet will be sand-free by the time you strap your sandals back on.

Give Your Drinks New Life - Hot temperatures mean sweaty glasses and watered down beverages. If you’re hosting a party or taking a beautifying drink on-the-go, plan ahead by freezing ice cubes of your beverage in advance. You’ll enjoy the taste longer and you can use excess cubes for mixing into smoothies or summer sangria.

Keep your Razor from Rusting - If you’re rocking shorts or a bathing suit on the regular, you’re likely shaving more often than during winter months. Because of this, your razors can dull quickly. The heat and humidity of your environment isn’t doing your blades any favors either. Make your razors last longer by applying olive oil to the blade between shaves. You’ll save money and your legs. A win-win!

Mix Up a Rejuvenating Scrub - You already know the importance of exfoliating everywhere, but do you know which summer scrub recipe to both clear away dead skin cells and nourish a sun kissed body? Combine 1/4 cup salt, 4 tablespoons of aloe vera oil and 10 drops of lavender oil, then rub the mix on to smooth and soothe your legs, feet and arms.

Add Tea to Your Bikini Line - Razor burn hurts and is unsightly. It can be caused by the state of your razor and overall skin sensitivity. There are actions to take to keep it at bay, but if razor burn strikes and risks ruining your confident days by the pool, apply cold chamomile tea bags to the affected area. Steep for 3 minutes, then put the bags in the freezer before applying.

Defrizz Your Hair - There is a big difference between beach waves and frizzy locks. Add shine and tame your tresses by spritzing on a 1 part coconut oil with 1 part avocado oil. You can spray a few inches from your hair and rub down with your hands. The oils will hydrate while calming unruly strands.

Carry Natural Bug Repellent - Outdoor movie nights, hiking, bonfires…there are a lot of opportunities for mosquitos to attack. Prevent getting bit by carrying your own repellent with a trifecta of benefits. You’ll smell great, not risk harming your skin and ward off any unwelcome pests. Try this recipe from Brit + Co.

Do you have a favorite summer hack?

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