We all know that exercising regularly is important. Running, pilates, cycling – no matter the activity, working out benefits your physical and mental health. With busy lives it can be hard to find time for fitness, and with so many tips on how to achieve a tone body or burn the most calories, it’s difficult to narrow down exactly what will get you to your goal. As a basic rule of thumb, I say, try to fit at least 30 minutes of activity into every day and then do what makes you feel good and gives you energy. But these surprising fitness facts might help guide your next workout and motivate you to step up your fitness game.

8 Surprising Facts About Fitness

  1. Defined abs aren’t the result of doing tons of crunches. Crunches don’t burn that many calories, so the best way to lose weight in your midsection and define your stomach is to do planks and other exercises that require the full use of your core (shoulders down to bum).
  2. If you do not exercise regularly, you could experience up to an 80% decrease in muscle strength as you age. With news like that, there is no better time than now to get started.
  3. It’s likely many of you have stepped foot in a gym or gymnasium. Did you know that gymnasium gets its roots from the greek word “gymnazein”, which means “to exercise naked”? That would be a shocking trip to the gym!
  4. Muscle can burn more calories at rest than fat. One pound of muscle burns an extra 50 calories a day. So if you’re looking to lose weight, don’t crash diet and only do cardio – instead, eat healthy and try to build muscle.
  5. One of the easiest ways to help your health is by walking frequently. The average person will walk roughly 70,000 miles in their life, so throwing a few extra in there won’t hurt. Walking is tremendously beneficial to your health and if done in addition to other workouts can lessen the damage done by sitting all day.
  6. Missing out on your best night’s rest can increase your chances of weight gain and trigger the production of gherlin, a hormone that causes hunger.
  7. Stretching after a workout doesn’t have any real benefits. We’ve always been told stretching “cools” our joints, but really it’s only helpful for increasing flexibility if done while the muscles are still warm from your workout. Some research even says stretching before a run may be hurting you more than helping your performance.
  8. A 10 minute workout is more than enough! On days when you can’t swing a 45 or more minute session, focus on increasing your heart’s health with quick workouts that still get your heart rate up. A strong heart means the blood can flow quicker and future workouts will be easier.

Do you know any facts about fitness that have changed how you work out? 

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