When it comes to skincare, routines can vary from extremely minimal to super complicated. There are benefits and drawbacks to each, but you should be familiar with all the treatments and products before digging in. It can get pretty confusing when we start talking serums, acne treatments and oils, so why not start with the complete basics? Whether you’ve never quite nailed down an effective regimen or are just looking for a few pointers, it never hurts to go back to basics when searching for the ideal routine!

Basic Skincare Routine

Get To Know Your Skin

If you don’t already know your skin type, now is a good time to find out – it will help when shopping for the best products for your concerns. While your skin will fluctuate with outside factors like weather and climate, products are generally geared toward working with dry, oily, combination (both dry + oily in different areas of your face), and normal skin.  There are also products for sensitive skin that requires special consideration of certain ingredients. Read more about sensitive skin products here.

Get To Know The Products

Now that you know your skin type, you can look for products that will work best. Read labels so that you don’t end up with a cleanser containing a drying ingredient like isopropyl alcohol for already dry skin, or adding excessive oil to oily skin, etc. The products out there can be overwhelming, so start with daily cleansers and moisturizers, and work your way to products that address specific concerns when needed.

Once you’ve got all that figured out, read my post on the proper order to apply skincare products to ensure you get the most out of them, and don’t forget that DIY skincare can be a simple, effective option, but you still need to know what’s going on your skin!

Get on a Daily Routine

Cleansing your skin should be part of your daily routine – A rinse in the morning and more thorough cleanse at night will do (for a more in-depth evening routine, see my video). If you’re washing your face properly and gently, this will keep your skin fresh and free of makeup and dirt.

Your daily routine can also include eye creams or toners, but the basic must-have here is moisturizer and SPF! You can opt for a 2-in-1 like MAC Studio Moisture Fix in order to provide skin with a moisture-rich barrier that also protects from sun damage.

Start a Weekly Routine

Regular exfoliation is a must in any skincare routine, but it’s not something you need to do everyday (in fact, excessive exfoliation can interfere with your skin’s ability to protect you). Opt for an exfoliating scrub 1-2x week to slough off dead skin cells and clear away buildup. Increase frequency with a gently exfoliating face wash if needed.

Once you get used to regularly cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating, there’s a whole new world of advanced skincare products to explore. Good luck!

What other skincare topics are on your mind? Share with me below!

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