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As someone who flies from coast to coast often, I’ve pretty much gotten my packing routine down to a T.  But sometimes, no matter how perfectly you pack your belongings, unfortunate things still happen – in this case, I’m talking about when your powdered compacts and eyeshadows shatter from being jostled inside a suitcase.  It’s the worst! There are ways to put them back together, but it’d be great if they didn’t fall apart in the first place.

Sometimes it’s helpful to keep your makeup bag in your carry-on.  But even the jostling of putting it into the overhead bin or any turbulence can cause your powdered compacts to crack from time to time.  And if you have to check your bag, you have even less control! So what’s the solution? Two words: Cotton balls.



That’s right, those fluffy little things you use to apply toner are also great at padding your eyeshadows, bronzers, blushes and pressed powders.  For individual eyeshadows, just place a round cottonball (you may have to cut it into a smaller piece so it will fit) on top of your eyeshadow and snap the lid closed.  Voila! The extra padding between the powder and the top of the case will help it from shattering from impact, just like bubble wrap or foam peanuts keep delicate items from breaking during shipping.  For round bronzers, blushes or pressed powders, just use one of those larger, flat cotton pads instead. This is also a great tip to know for those of you who do makeup swaps!


Have you ever heard of this trick? How do you pack your makeup when you travel?

Tell me in the comments!

<3 Mish


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