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Everyone buys a beauty product hoping for two things: 1.) The product will work and 2.) The product will last.  The worst feeling is realizing your expensive cream seems to be less potent than it used to be, or your nail polish is getting goopy with 80% still left in the bottle.  The culprit?  Temperature.  When products are exposed to extreme heat or humidity for a long period of time, the stability, appearance and formula can change.  In other words, your products will look and perform differently than what you’re used to!



Below are three products I recommend storing in your fridge:

  1. Eye cream: It’s always best to keep face products in cool, dark places because heat can change the formulas and make them less effective.  Putting your eye cream in the fridge has an extra benefit – the coolness will instantly de-puff and soothe.   
  2. Nail polish: High temperatures activate a nail formula’s solvents, which gives your polish that thick and melted consistency.  Keeping it a cool place will extend its shelf life and keep your lacquer smooth and easy to apply.
  3. Perfume: A lot of us make the mistake of putting perfume on the bathroom counter, where the heat and humidity from your shower can affect the perfume’s original scent.  The enemies of fragrance are air, heat and light – all three of which are present in your bathroom! Store your perfume in the fridge instead to preserve and protect the smell.  Plus, it’ll feel refreshing to spritz on a hot summer day :)


Have you ever stored any beauty products in the fridge? Let me know in the comments!

<3 Mish


Credit: weheartit, carbonated.tv, organiworks

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