For some people, trying a new beauty product just means seeing if it looks good on any skin tone, but for others it’s much more of an experience. A great new product will make use of both tried and true and unconventional ingredients (including loads of nutrients to make skin happy), come in stunning shades and if you’re lucky, a pretty package too. When it comes to botanical beauty products – those with plant based ingredients – the best ones make full use of gorgeous package design, making for great gift ideas (even treat yo’self ^_^) and DIY at-home spa treatments!

Botanical Beauty products

FRAGRANCE: Lotus – Botanicals have long been used in perfumes, but Hi Wildflower’s perfumes boast only natural ingredients and the truly beautiful packaging. Rio Nilo in particular combines Indian lotus with rose and sandalwood.

BATH: Eucalyptus – So many people love the scent of eucalyptus, and its essential oils are said to have antibacterial and other medicinal purposes. Along with lemongrass, this mineral bath soak from AYUCoUSA soothes skin while leaving you calm and refreshed.

BODY: Sunflower – Although this Korres’ Body Butter is scented with jasmine, sunflower seed oil (along with almond and avocado) is the key ingredient formulated to smooth skin while improving its elasticity.

SKIN: Aloe Vera – Meant to be an after-sun product, this continuous facial mist containing aloe, vitamin E and lotus flower is formulated with menthol in order to provide a healthy dose of calming, cooling moisture that rejuvenates skin instantly.

LIP: Marine Flowers– Tarte is one of the most popular brands out there, due in part to their use of hard to find natural ingredients. The Rainforest of the Sea lip quench features marine flower extracts that smooth and soften skin while algae fights the signs of aging.

EYE: Glacial Flowers – Ever thought about incorporating glacial flowers into your anti-aging regimen? Skyn Iceland’s highly reviewed eye cream contains “supercharged Arctic extremophile plant firms” AKA, ingredients that reduce puffiness and wrinkles. There are also rainforest plants and anti-aging peptides in this little tub, all working to maintain bright, youthful eyes. 

Do you have any plant-based beauty product? Share your botanical finds below!

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