Hey beautifuls. I’m excited to start posting more about the intriguing things I learn about while reading, traveling and dreaming. I love that my website is a place where I can share these inspirations with all of you. Today’s topic… Crystals! Humans have always had a fascination with crystals; their significance in different cultures dates back thousands of years. Each community that has used crystals around the world has their own meaning attached and motivation behind it – it’s pretty crazy:

 History of Crystals 

Crystals in History

Crystals have played a huge part in many cultures throughout history, and have had some unique uses that seem a little out there to those of us who aren’t so familiar with them. Egyptians, Romans, Native Americans and more have all had some connection with crystals. Ancient Egyptians believed crystals to be protective, while they’ve been used as talismans (a stone used for protection) and healing stones (typically jade) for thousands of years. And of course, countless cultures collected them for their beauty in jewelry and ornate décor, usually symbolizing status and wealth.

Modern Uses

Crystals in some form are used in everything from electronics to home décor in today’s world. Sometimes the use is scientific, and sometimes crystals are merely an aesthetically pleasing piece of the earth to marvel at. Their significance depends on their use. You can’t ignore the fact that a major marriage symbol, the ring, is centered on crystals. Beyond that, the stunning shapes of crystals – you know how I love them in design! – are still used in works of art. Their intricate lines and interesting history definitely make a crystal a good subject for the artistic eye ;).

Crystal Therapy

Modern crystal therapy is generally thought of as a noninvasive, holistic treatment for both mental and physical ailment. Subscribers to this type of treatment rely on careful placement of crystals on the body to heal and relax, some of which is based on their piezoelectricity – the electric charge created when pressure is applied. While not a ton of scientific evidence supports crystal therapy, its continued use throughout history signifies its potential effectiveness, and at the very least it is a fascinating phenomenon to consider.

What other traditions from different cultures have you heard about lately? I’m all ears!

<3 Mish


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