If there is a hack for something beauty or fashion related, you can guarantee I’ll try it. It’s always gratifying to know that I can revive a wardrobe staple and win the battle of me versus mishap – Mish 1: Fashion Failure 0. With the help of common household items that’s always how it plays out – style issues remedied! Here are a few fashion hacks that will help you have piece of mind that no tarnish, stain, smell or static will keep you from your favorite pieces.

Fashion Hacks

Deodorant on your heels – How many times have you bought a new pair of shoes and the heel slipped causing a blister on your foot? No more! Swipe some deodorant along the back of your heel before putting your shoes on and it will prevent rubbing and blisters.

Safety pins inside clothes - If you’re struggling with static cling, try attaching a safety pin to the inside of your clothing. This will help pull the electricity that makes static cling from your clothes and leave dresses and tops flowing freely. I’ve covered other sneaky ways to beat static cling, here.

De-fuzz with a pumice stone - If your sweaters ball up or have unwanted fuzz, gently rub a pumice stone over the fabric. The stone will grab fuzz, leaving your sweaters and blouses looking brand new.

Vodka as Febreze - If your clothes need a refresh or you’ve bought vintage pieces that smell a little musty, spritz one part vodka with two parts water on your clothes to banish smell. Throw fresh lavender (or essential oils) into the mix and let it sit overnight before using to really give your clothes a blast of freshness.

Olive oil on zippers – Your favorite jeans or party dress can get thrown by the wayside if you can’t get your zipper up. For those stubborn moments, put a dab of olive oil on the zipper where it’s stuck and then pull. The oil will coat the teeth and get you into your clothes in no time.

Double stick tape on blouses - You can buy Hollywood Fashion Tape, or you can just grab some double sided tape to fix any gapping clothes. No more bra showing on button up blouses or hems that are too long – scour your office or craft drawers, tear off some tape and go.

Toothpaste on your silver - Now that all of your clothes are in place and fitting properly, the next issue is your accessories looking sharp. If they appear tarnished or dull, rub a little toothpaste over them, rub with a wash cloth and rinse with warm water. Viola! They’ll sparkle and shine.

Do you have a fashion hack I’ve got to try? Lemme know below!

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