We spend a good portion of our time trying to stay healthy and obtain our ideal body through exercise. We engage in 10 minute workouts, yoga, dance and a whole range of other activities to strengthen and tone our core, legs and arms. But what we often don’t think about exercising is our face. This may sound like an odd practice, but by massaging–or rather doing face yoga regularly–you’ll tone face muscles and fight aging.

Face Yoga: How to Fight Signs of Aging

Facial yoga is just that, exercises for your face that help tighten muscles and increase blood circulation and oxygen to the skin. With proper execution and routine practice, face yoga has been known to reshape jawlines, banish under-eye circles and lift your smile. It’s a completely natural way to enhance your face! Unlike your workout classes, one of the best things about face yoga is that it takes very little time and can be done anywhere – it’s a great practice to do after a meditation session.

There are plenty of books available on the topic, like Fumiko Takatsu’s Face Yoga Method, but to get you started I’m sharing four exercises that will knock your fine lines into submission and awakens your whole face.

Eyebrow Lift
As we age our eyelids get heavier. This can not only become an aesthetic nuisance, but it can also obstruct your vision into late adulthood. To combat this and widen our eyes, look forward and then lift your brow as high as it will go. Almost as though your friend has just told you something shocking. Lol. Next, close your eyes–still keeping your eyebrows lifted. Your lid will almost flutter when holding this pose. Hold for 20 seconds, then relax.

Fish Face
It’s a funny name, but it’s basically what you’re doing. :) You’re helping rid your face of smile lines by sucking in your cheeks–holding the tissue of your cheeks in between your teeth–and making fish lips. Now try to smile while holding that pose. Keep your eyes open (no blinking) until your eyes begin to water. Then relax for a few seconds and move on to your next exercise.

Forehead Smoothing
Probably the easiest of these exercises, this massaging move will get rid of angry forehead lines. Place both hands at the center of your forehead, spanning your fingers from hairline to brow line. Then pushing slightly against your skin, slowly slide your fingers outwards towards your temples. Repeat 8 times, relaxing for a second in between each move.

Neck Stretch
Throw your head back so your chin is pointed towards the sky. Open your mouth as wide as it can go, then kiss the air. By bringing your mouth from a wide open to a pucker you’ll feel the skin on your neck tighten. This will help keep neck lines from looking down at bay.

Each of these moves, done in a cycle and with other face yoga practices, will leave you with a smoother, more glowing face. And if youthfulness isn’t motivating enough, look at it as a calming exercise to do in addition to your morning stretches.

What do you think of facial yoga? Would you, or have you, tried it?

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