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We haven’t all been blessed with naturally bold eyebrows, but the beauty of makeup is that we can fake our way to thick, lust-worthy brows with a few steps and a blend of products. Manicured eyebrows really define the face and can be the focal point of your look or played down when not wanting to distract from a bold lip or striking cheek. While trends will always change, there will continue to be a need for mastering how to get a full brow (Particularly when we’re older, because as we age our brows thin). So how do we achieve bold brows that would put Cara Delevingne’s to shame? With a little grooming and product.

full bold eyebrows in 4 steps

Tame. An unruly brow is not the most attractive. Even if you plan on wearing minimal product, it’s ideal to have a well-formed brow that can look polished even if the only thing grazing them is a balm for staying power. You’ll want to painlessly pluck any stray hairs, then using a spooly, brush your brows up and snip any hairs that are drastically longer than the rest. Then brush your brow up and out so they lay properly and ‘lift’ the eye a bit.

Frame. Once the shape of your brow is set, you’ll want to add definition by drawing the shape of your full brow on. If you have thin brows or the hairs closest to your inner eye are sparse, this step is important. Draw an upward line directly above the inner corner of your eye (at the edge of your brow) and then frame the rest of your brow. Choose a brow pencil that is a shade or two darker than your natural brow – Jouer Brow Definer Pencil glides on smoothly on one end and has a spooly brush on the other for taming (dual beauty products are always welcome).

Fill. Continuing with your eyebrow pencil, or with a brow powder like LORAC Take a Brow Kit, begin filling in your brow with short hair-like strokes. This will keep your brow looking natural and create the body necessary for a full and strong finished brow. Make sure to fill in an areas that still appear thin, then take your spooly brush and again draw it through the hairs to even out product application and get rid of any visibly harsh lines.

Seal. Now that you’ve filled your brow and created a look you want to last all day, the final step is to seal it. Using a setting wax or brow gel, brush over your brow in an upward and out motion (this motion will become second nature to you) to define the shape and leave you with a stunning finish. Try Eyeko Tinted Brow Gel for a little extra color and staying power. Plus, the formula contains various vitamins and proteins to condition your brow and encourage healthy hair growth. If you are already pleased with the darkness of your eyebrows and don’t need any more color added, try a clear wax like Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Fix Wax Pencil. This could become your go-to product even on days when a bold brow is the farthest thing from your mind.

Good luck!

<3 Mish

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