It may be a little premature to mention the holidays, but they really aren’t that far off. To prepare for the months ahead, and to indulge in your wildest treat fantasies, now is the time for testing out your favorite dessert recipes. You may have already mastered your signature sweet from my summer bucket list, but if not, enjoy the simple pleasures in life and start planning confections for the rest of the year.

When I think about satisfying my sweet tooth, I can’t deny a green tea macaron or ice-cream (or green tea Pocky and Kit Kats). I love green tea – anything green tea. But homemade treats seem to always taste so much better than store bought ones, so I’ve rounded up a few delectable green tea recipes that you need to try, like now. Here we go…

Green Tea Dessert Ideas

Green Tea Muffins - Some people may say muffins aren’t an actual dessert, they’re a breakfast food. But no matter how you cut it, these ones are a sweet snack and ideal for parties or potluck brunches. Get the recipe over at One Ingredient Chef.

Green Tea Dessert Ideas

Matcha-Almond Génoise Layer Cake - Feeling fancy? Try an elaborate, but surprisingly easy cake recipe. Then find a reason to celebrate and surprise all of your friends with pro-level baking skills and an elegance dessert. Make it now with this recipe from Sprinkle Bakes.

Green Tea Dessert Ideas

Chocolate Matcha Butter Cups - This one makes me weak in the knees. A perfect make ‘em and save ‘em dessert, these butter cups can be whipped up and stored for those moments of extreme candy cravings. Try them out for yourself on Keepin’ It Kind.

Green Tea Dessert Ideas

Green Tea Macarons - No list would be complete without a macaron recipe. This one seems a bit more complex to pull together, but if Sunday afternoon cooking is for you, give this recipe from Thirsty for Tea a go. If anything, you may learn your measurement conversions a bit better. ;)

Green Tea Dessert Ideas

Green Tea Ice Cream - Because desserts don’t need to be difficult – and creamy, cold ice cream is just as tasty as any other matcha-infused night cap – this recipe from the Minimalist Baker is a MUST.  You’ll mix up your ice cream a few hours before serving to allow it to harden, but it will be well worth the wait.

Decorate your sweets your own way with unique topping ideas. Here’s a list of flowers that you can adorn your desserts with (and even eat)!

Do you have a favorite green tea dessert? Which of the treats above would you love to try?

<3 Mish


Photos:  One Ingredient Chef, Sprinkle Bakes, Keepin it Kind, Thirsty for Tea, Minimalist Baker.


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