While I’ve talked about taking your Instagram to the next level before, it remains a hot topic for just about everyone. Because there are so many users now, and so many people have become pro at taking photos with Instagram in mind, it’s easy to feel like you can’t be unique. But the truth is, if you want your Instagram feed to stand out from the rest, original themes are still out there, waiting to be created. Whenever people bring up my Instagram, they ask me about three things: the color, the style, and the thing that brings the two together: consistency.

how to create a theme for your instagram

Let’s start with the color. The first step in creating an Insta theme is to decide on a color, or a few colors, that represent your style. (And don’t forget that color itself can be a theme – if you don’t want to stick to one color, your style can be that you include a rainbow.) If you can’t tell, I’m into purple hues right now – like the ones that go with my new oil slick hair color – because they’re dark, moody and otherworldly. Therefore I make sure that each of my photos contains some combination of black and purple, with hints of grays and pinks.

Now that you’ve made sure to include certain colors, it’s time to choose a filter that will further connect these photos. My secret? Don’t go with the most popular filter, if it doesn’t rep you well. Minimal and modern is all the rage right now, but if you’re like me you might seek something more dreamy and artsy.

Just because the filter or edit is the same doesn’t mean everything will look alike. In fact, you can post a huge range of completely different photos without a single one looking the same, as long as you incorporate the colors and filters in consistency. The biggest reason a theme fails is that different filters give photos in a feed an identity crisis! So choose the editing style that takes your theme to the next level, and stick to it.

If you’re consistent with filters you’ll be able to switch things up without breaking your overall vibe. Throughout the last year or so, I’ve completely transformed my feed several times. Allowing color to serve as the basis of my themes, I’ve been able to consistently swap one main color for the next. The secret to this is going along with the grid – start new colors or subjects in multiples of three, and the theme will come across more clearly to those who scroll through. There are other ways to go about this, like a checkerboard style (alternating light and dark or two colors) or making use of negative space, like I mentioned here.

Instagram is all about having the grid as a restriction but working within it to create something really creative. As long as you work within its perimeters but push your creativity, you can master any number of Instagram themes.

Got any more Instagram questions for me?


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