Haters can be anywhere. They’re in school, the workplace and online–you can even experience negativity from complete strangers! Just about everywhere you turn these days there is someone trying to bring you down. Negativity can be toxic, but it doesn’t need to affect you if you know how to manage it properly. With the right mindset, a circle of supportive friends and family and these tactics, you’ll be able to handle haters (both online and off) in stride.

How to deal with Haters

Ignore the message - One of the most basic things you can do is ignore your haters. Don’t give them the satisfaction of a response. It’s likely they’re looking to get a rise out of you and aren’t that happy with their own lives–bullies can try to hurt others to feel better about themselves. If you can look past their message and keep on walking, they’ll likely stop. This may be hard to do with classmates or people you encounter daily, but there are plenty of ways to dodge online naysayers. Block them from your social profiles or use one of the methods below.

Use it as motivation - I’ve found that when someone tells me I can’t do something, it fuels me to try harder. Turn their insults into motivation to do better, be stronger and fight for what you believe in. This is a great way to transform negativity into positivity. If someone thinks you can’t perform on an exam, criticizes your style or puts you down for life choices, don’t take their messages to heart. Prove to yourself that you can achieve greatness without letting others affect your success.

Confront your attacker - Words can be incredibly hurtful. If the message is one that insults your character or seems misplaced, then confronting your attacker may be necessary. Bullies rarely expect you to sit down for a one on one to discuss why you’re being targeted. And they never see you taking a more aggressive and warranted approach like Alanah Pearce did with her online bullies. A mature conversation could resolve the issue and even enlighten you as to why they’ve chosen to hurt you. Their behavior may not be justified, but it will be an opportunity to forgive and forget, and stop the activity all together.

Tell someone - If hateful language continues and all else fails, you might need to talk to a superior, parent or teacher. No one should ever have to feel uncomfortable about their life and decisions. It is no ones place to make you feel bad about anything you love, how you look or what you’re passionate about. Abusive language can be hard to look past and verbal abuse can turn into physical if not stopped. If you feel as though someone won’t stop bullying you, then reach out to someone who can help. No one will ever question your motive or put you down for protecting yourself.

How have you dealt with haters or bullies? Let me know below. 

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