I believe in always putting your best face forward. So when the threat of fine lines and dull skin appears, I want solutions immediately.  While makeup can help mask flaws and make us look gorgeous now, there are other steps we can take to ensure we’re still looking healthy and youthful for years to come.  If you’re just starting to notice the first pesky signs of aging, then fight back with these five preventative measures – you’ll be left with glowing skin and (Bonus!) a happy and nourished body.

prevent the first signs of aging

Hydrate – You’ve probably heard this a million times, but drinking water daily is a must! Not only will it help you stay focused and keep your body in tiptop shape, but it also locks moisture into your skin and prevents awful signs of dehydration like dry skin and wrinkles.

Wear Sunscreen – One common misconception is that you only get burned when the sun is shining. Sunburns can happen even on a cloudy day if you don’t protect your skin properly. Trust me, you do NOT want to see the effect rearing its ugly head down the road. Wearing sunscreen daily will guard against the types of UV rays I cover in my Guide to Sunscreen video.

Eat Whole Grains – Healthy eating does every part of your body good, and it can work wonders on your skin.  Whole grains are a great source of several B vitamins and fiber. And, some types even contain selenium, an antioxidant that helps nourish your skin.

Cardio – There is nothing better than a little cardio to get the heart racing, blood pumping and your skin glowing! We don’t always want to talk about it but if we do a hard workout, we sweat. Sweating pushes toxins out of the body, which means cleaner skin and less long-term fatigue.

Anti-Aging Products – Thank goodness for StriVectin®! Along with living a healthy lifestyle, incorporating the right products into your skin regimen is important. StriVectin Present Perfect™ Antioxidant Defense Lotion encourages even skin tone and instantly hydrates skin – reversing the first signs of aging. Containing of their exclusive NIA-114 technology and an Antioxidant Complex, this sweet smelling lotion applied twice daily, is just the product to quickly give you the radiant skin and vanish any first wrinkle panic you’ve been experiencing.

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