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The pressure to fit in, be flawless, and shoot for perfection can be tremendous. The stress alone causing more problems, both to your health and your soul, than anyone should endure. How can we achieve the unobtainable? How can we look and feel the way society wants us to? The simple answer–we can’t. No one is perfect, and that’s ok. In fact, it’s incredible.  

See, we’re each One of a Kind. We are unique, and our different pasts, talents, physical features and life goals make us who we are. We don’t need to fit into any mold, we just need to have a healthy self-esteem and know that we are smart enough, beautiful enough, and worthy enough to achieve anything our heart desires. 

In my latest video, I speak more about what it means to be One of a Kind. Check it out below! Then read these additional tips on how you can start improving your self-esteem. 

 1. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re beautiful 

Healthy self-esteem starts from within. Until you love yourself, you won’t be the best person you can be. So every morning stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself you’re beautiful (both inside and out). Avoid thinking negative thoughts as these will do more harm than good and are likely not even true. Remember that beauty means many things, but does not mean that you need to be a clone of a model or celebrity to be happy. 

 2. Accept your (perceived) flaws

Our unique features set us apart from others and should be celebrated. Whether it’s a cute little mole on your cheek, a unique eye shape, or a birthmark on your arm, embrace your imperfections. What you may not realize is that the things you see as flaws are some of the characteristics loved and cherished by others in your life. I thought my height was an issue because I’m so petite, but Dom loves that I’m vertically challenged, and honestly, it’s a great excuse for me to wear heels. ^_^ To further work on a healthy self-image, try accentuating your perceived flaws. 

 3. Avoid Negativity

There are a lot of nay-sayers out there. People who are unhappy with their own lives and feel it’s necessary to tear others down. Do not listen to them. You are beautiful, smart, and can achieve anything as long as you don’t take their negativity to heart. It sounds hard, but when you avoid those who are trying to ruin your self-esteem, you’ll be much happier and have a healthier, and probably much more realistic, view of yourself. Surround yourself by optimists and others who are different just like you and you’ll see just how much your self-esteem can change. 

 4. Do not compare yourself to others

One thing that makes our world so exciting is that no two people are exactly alike. We live in a time when talents are endless, style is admired, and aspirations are more obtainable than ever before. Can you imagine living during times when women had absolutely no rights at all? Today, you can be who you want to be, and that means being one of a kind. Comparing yourself to others robs you of your very individuality. Instead of comparing yourself to the popular girl in school or the star athlete, focus your energy elsewhere. Set goals and only compare yourself to yourself! If you hope to run a marathon this year, set benchmarks; so every time you run you know what you need to do to be better the next time. This will allow you to focus on accomplishments and not stress about what those around you are doing. 

By following these four steps you’ll be a whole lot closer to being your best you. I can’t say that it will happen overnight, we all need to work on a little self love (that’s why I’ve made it one of my resolutions), but it is doable. 

Have more questions about self-esteem or anything else that makes you one of a kind? I’ll be hosting a live stream this Friday with a few lovely ladies to help answer your questions and share a bit more on what being One of a Kind means. Tune into my YouTube channel Friday at 3pm PT / 6 pm ET to watch!

Don’t forget to leave me your questions below! 

 <3 Mish


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