Nothing can kill your makeup vibes like school rules. As much as experimenting with beauty is important for many of us, there’s no point in risking trouble from superiors over it. My subbies have asked me many times for help on finding a beauty routine that they can get away with during school hours, but the truth is that differs for many people. Schools all over the world have different policies, but one thing’s for sure: when rules are in place, natural is the way to go.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your makeup. Creating a natural, no filter looking façade can be a lot of fun and there are a ton of products geared toward natural beauty! There’s no reason to go overboard – save that for weekends with the bests.

A Makeup Routine Anyone Can Wear To School

At the risk of sounding redundant, the first step in any natural makeup look is skin care. Make sure you’ve brushed up on your skin care routine (here’s a basic how-to) before heading to the beauty counter. The fresher your skin looks naturally, the less product you’ll require to look and feel your best. Before touching any makeup, cleanse (I mentioned LATHER Ultra Mild Face Wash in my face wash post) and moisturize too.

When it comes to wearing makeup that looks natural at school, enter a behind-the-scenes product: primer. I’ve talked about Smashbox Photo Finish Primer before to prep for next steps. Nobody will know you’ve applied product, and yet you’ve instantly got smooth skin. So far, so good! Apply a dab of concealer on blemishes or dark circles if necessary and blend into skin so it doesn’t become cakey or spotty when you apply foundation.

After foundation comes the part where you have the urge to add more face makeup – blushes and bronzers are fun to experiment with, I know. But tread lightly; if the shade is off or the application is too heavy it will look anything but natural. You could skip it all together and focus on the main event: eyes.

There are a lot of ways to make your eyes pop without opting for the smokey eye or heavy winged liner. If you choose to apply a liner, it’s easy to get carried away with black. The Urban Decay Glide On Eye Pencil comes in far more shade than most (though you may want to pick up one of galaxy hues for after-hours). Next, use my eyelash curling tricks to ensure voluminous lashes before you even touch product. Depending on your school’s rules, you can most likely getaway with a coat of black mascara, but a brown like Benefit’s They’re Real may be more subtle.

Finally – the brows. The smallest tweak to your brows can be a game changer, but they have to look natural. You want your eyebrows to be your best kept secret – no one will know the work put in but you. To keep them looking natural, use a powder + brush rather than pencil. If it’s not quite as bold as you like, keep a darker shade on you and whip it out when the bell rings!

Give your lips a little boost with a natural looking lip crayon like Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo, if you want.

What are your school’s rules? Is this something you could pull off under the radar?

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