Let’s talk about a trend that the tomboy in all of us can appreciate: borrowing from the boys. In the fashion world, ladies have been upping their game by rocking menswear styles, from boyfriend jeans to plain white T’s. Now that we’ve swiped a few looks from their closet, we might just want a few things from their bath shelves too. In fact, some of the best skincare and haircare out there are technically geared toward men. But as we know by now, just because something’s marketed toward a man or woman doesn’t mean everyone can’t or won’t benefit. These areas in particular…

beauty products to steal from the boys

Wake up call – If you need an energizing scent in the morning, try L’Occitane Men’s Verdon Fresh Water Shower Gel. The spring water fragrance, captured from the ice-blue Verdon river in France, invigorates your mind, while the gentle formula cleanses and nourishes your skin. And for all you multitaskers out there, this doubles as a shampoo that leaves your hair feeling light and smelling fresh.

Bumps be gone – Razor burn and bumps are issues that both ladies and gents have to struggle with, so it’s not surprising that you might get better results with your BF’s Black Mach 3 Razor from the Art of Shaving. Three super sharp blades slide smoothly over skin and the weight is perfectly balanced to fit snug in your hand and prevent slippage in the shower.

Prime time – Just like the guys do, it’s important to moisturize after you shave. Nivea Men’s After Shave Balm, formulated with chamomile, vitamin E and provitamin B5, is ultra soothing for sensitive skin with a calming scent. But here’s a pro tip: this balm doubles as a primer for makeup too! Try applying it as an undercoat to extend your makeup look throughout the day.

More hydration – With a formula that’s packed with vitamins and moisture-retaining chestnut extract, Kiehl’s Facial Fuel moisturizer is another product you might’ve brushed off in the mens’ section… Just ask yourself – would a guy wear a heavy, greasy moisturizer? Nope. The ultra lightweight texture and subtle scent leaves skin feeling oil-free, refueled and revitalized.

Sweat it out – Women’s deodorants often have amazing scents, but sometimes, not enough staying power. If you’re headed to a workout sesh and need a deodorant with as much endurance as you have, try Old Spice’s Pure Sport line. With 24-hour protection, it lasts beyond the gym too — and you have a choice of 4 different scents.

A tousled look – Ever see a guy’s perfectly tousled hair and wonder how on earth he achieved it? There has to be a secret behind that just-rolled-out-of-bed look, and it might just be this thickening grooming cream from Every Man Jack. A small amount goes a long way with this cream, bumping up the volume on your hair without that dry, crispy look. You’ll get the natural bed head look in seconds flat.

Have you ever borrowed from the boys? What men’s skincare and haircare products do you use?

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