Music. It’s an incredible thing. The right track can aid concentration, give you a little extra oomph to get through a day and bring on a flood of emotions. It can inspire, uplift and alter our lives and health. For me, music plays an integral part in my daily life. The right track sparks creativity, so I’m listening to new jams all the time while working. My love for music is part of the reason I started my record label this year. The label will allow me to channel my love for new music while giving those who deserve exposure a chance to shine.

Since I’ve noticed music playing more and more of a role in my life, and believe in its ability to make us happier, healthier and more connected, I couldn’t help but share some songs that I think you all will love. Here are five tracks to get you through just about any task you can imagine.

1. Vaults – Vultures

For those moments when you’re feeling a little down or trying to mend a broken heart, this new Vaults track will soothe your soul. According to research sad music can aid your recovery and this track is just too beautiful not to help.  I love the powerful female vocals – this song gives me chills.

2. OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down

How could I not include this song?! Not only is the video absolutely amazing, it’s a great track to motivate. Throw this on the next time you’re at the gym or need a pick me up in your car and you’ll power through your drive or workout just fine. Also, where can I get one of those scooter? ;)

3. Honne – Warm on a Cold Night

If you’re in a relationship or looking for a little soul (I’m talking to you Sam Smith and Jamie Lidell fans), this Honne song is for you. Like Vultures, this song will latch on to your heart, but this time in an uplifting, cozy way. The british duo may become your soundtrack of love once their full length album comes out.

4. Tove Lo – Not On Drugs

Tove Lo’s entire debut album should make it into your “getting ready for girls night out” mix. Her songs are infectious and upbeat. Pretty sure they can induce a dance party in seconds. Plus, I love females who make waves and are unapologetic about their choices – Tove Lo has a good grasp on being yourself and working hard to get where you want to be, something you’ll learn in your 20s.

5. Nyctalgia – Time Changed Everything

Some people need silence to study and relax, but I find that when I need to retain information or want to cool down from a busy day, music can work wonders. This track by the impressive Nyctalgia (started by self-taught musician Silvio Pfiffner) may be a few years old, but the ambient and classical sound is breathtaking. It doesn’t hurt that this type of music can be associated with higher productivity either.

What’s your favorite song right now? Let me know what you like to listen to below.

<3 Mish

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